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Asia » India August 28th 2015

-SP- Poco he dormido esta noche, por los pesaos de los soldados, a las 3 se han pirado, y el ruido de los trenes ha comntinuado toda la noche. A las 6 o asi todos arriba, he empezado a recoger mis cosas y he vosto que me falta la navaja, alguien se la ha apropiado, era un cuchillo de mierda de 2USD, pero como es del hombre blanquito te la mangan por si es valioso. Bueno, empacar mis cosas, ademas he tenido bronca con el aparcabicis, ahora me dice que no puede quitarle la cadena a la bici hasta las 10, porque no tiene llave. Bueno me he sentado alli a tocar los cojones y finalmente buscando si que tenia llave, maldito anciano. He puesto pinnones y cadena nueva y he ido al decathlon. Bueno, he ... read more

Asia » India August 28th 2015

-SP- Al menos he dormido bien. Mi porqueria de los pies duele menos hoy, pero tiene peor pinta que ayer, ya que los circulitos se han convertido en volcanes que expulsan carne y pus, fabuloso. He ido a la Gurdwara a desayunar, alli me he encontrado con uno de los amigos de ayer, uno que su unico deso en la vida es ir a EEUU, y me ha ensennado la solicitud que ha hecho para trabajar en EEUU. Noseque hotel que parece bueno, pagan 25000USD al anno, en New York, y el adjunta sus notas un Bachelor Commerce en la Mahatma Ghamndi University de Varanassi, en pocas asignaturas ha sacado mas de un 50% pero en todo pone "passed", para mi que va a acabar en alguna red de trafico de humanos... De ahi vuelta al ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Belgaum August 28th 2015

People who love to travel, keep their eyes and ears open for every opportunity. His/her friends know it all. So when my friend bought a brand new car and planned to travel to his hometown for his baby’s naming ceremony, I got an invitation to travel with him. I started early from office so that we could reach his home. Along the way, we picked up his cousin and hit the toll road of national highway. We were travelling from Bangalore to Gokak via Dharwad which was about 500 kms. The roads were good and we hit 100km/hr. on an average. There were not many private vehicles. My friend was keen to reach early before it gets dark. Starting at 2pm IST (Indian Standard Time) from Bangalore, it was simply impossible to do so. We spoke ... read more
Hanging bridge over Ghatprabha river (Gokak Falls)
Baby naming ceremony

Asia » India » Kerala » Malappuram August 27th 2015

The state of Kerala in India is unique in many ways. Nature has endowed the state with a lot of attractive locations. Rivers, hills, forest areas, paddy fields and backwaters render the place an image of god’s own country, a phrase given by the government. It is true that there are hundreds of temples in the state besides a lot of mosques and churches, but today’s society seems not to move towards a divine goal. The people here are intelligent, able and some people think that Keralites are the most intelligent people in the world. Now life is guided by a desire to amass wealth and compete with one another and people believe that money can buy everything. In the midst of rapid urbanization and sophistication, Malappuram district stands apart as a place of communal harmony, ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi August 27th 2015

Well, it's a good thing I'm not the jealous type, because today Jeremy almost got himself an Indian bride. Allow me to explain. Our day began with the breakfast buffet at our lovely hotel. We fueled up on eggs, toast, beans, yogurt, fruit, and plenty of caffeine, because we knew we'd have a long day of sightseeing ahead of us. The plan was to journey back through the old quarter to visit the mosque and the fort, maybe do a little shopping in the bazaar, and see where we ended up. A rickshaw ride (much less eventful than the previous day) brought us to the red sandstone steps of Jama Masjid, India's largest mosque and one of the biggest in the world - the courtyard can hold as many as 20,000 worshipers! This magnificent building was ... read more
Jama Masjid Mosque
Too Sexy For My Frock
Magnificent Domes

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Noida August 26th 2015

We jumped into this neat Innova , clean with plush interiors . The three of us were in a hurry to reach Baga Beach and of course come back within the 4 hours limit. Such a rush that we didn’t bother to take a picture of the Number plate of the car or even notice the driver. Such was our enthusiasm. Until the cabbie spoke up. So you girls want to look around or just go to the beach directly. Two of us in the back seat giggled at being referred as “Girls”. Our friend in the front seat carrying the bazooka like camera answered …yes , but want to take some nice pictures too . And so you want me to smile, answered this cabbie . We laughed aloud and then we got talking. We ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi August 26th 2015

Please be advised - DO NOT visit Delhi if you have any of the following medical conditions: Anxiety, nervousness, sensitivity to loud noises, sensitivity to dust or smog, claustrophobia, fear of crowds, fear of honking horns, fear of rogue cows, fear of stray dogs, fear of spiders, fear of traffic accidents, fear of crazy drivers, fear of having a toe or an arm amputated by a passing motorbike, fear of imminent death... Basically, if you are afraid of ANYTHING at all, Delhi will be your worst nightmare. Chances are very good that you will NOT survive. On the other hand, if you thrive on chaos, if you've been known to waste away in front of exotic travel shows, and if you're not afraid to put your life into the hands of some totally random, mentally unstable ... read more
Bicycle Rickshaws
The MANY Hotels on Our Street!
Cruising Through the Bazaar

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Agra August 25th 2015

If you're not into mushy gushy love stories, don't worry...we'll keep this one short! Emperor Shah Jahan, the fifth of the Great Mughals, was incredibly devoted to his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal (whose name means "Jewel of the Palace"). He couldn't bear to be parted from her for any length of time, so he always insisted that she travel with him, no matter where he was going. In 1631, while accompanying him on a military campaign, she gave birth to their fourteenth child and died in the process. On her deathbed, she made him vow that he would create a monument that would show the world how much they loved one another. The Taj Mahal is that monument. Two distinct things went through my mind when I heard this story. The first was, "Yeah, after giving ... read more
South Gate Entrance
Reflecting Pool
Taj Gardens

Asia » India August 25th 2015

-SP- Bueno, despues de la panzada de ayer, que despues del pakistan show fui al langar de nuevo, pues cuesta levantarse. A las 8 o asi arriba, ir al banno, y como no, a desayunar al langar, otra panzada. Despues de eso algo de internet. Hay noticias respecto al visado irani: La primera es que, a los que hace 2 dias mande a tomar por culo, ahora me dice que mannana quizas me den el codigo, la segunda es que los otros, a los que ayer pague 35 euros, no dan sennales de vida. Estoy hasta los cojones pero mucho mucho... Bueno, despues de eso vuelta a la celda, mientras cargaba camara y movil (que ahora repentinamente funciona otra vez), he estado alli tirado, prerparando mis cosas y charlando con unas chicas de barcelona. Entre ... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Agra August 24th 2015

Well, if you've been a little surprised by all of my happy-go-lucky, fairy tale fortresses and magical unicorn tales of India, let me assure you... Today the magic ENDED. We are currently in the city of Agra, and I currently have a view of the Taj Mahal from right outside our bedroom window. In fact, our plan was to be touring the Taj Mahal right at this very moment. However, I am currently lying in bed, where I've been curled up in a fetal position (mostly wishing for death) ever since we arrived around 11am this morning. Allow me to explain what led up to this unfortunate event. We arrived at the train station in Jaipur around 6:30am this morning for an easy 3-hour ride to Agra. This train didn't have sleeper cars like our last ... read more
On the Train
Station Stop
Entering Agra

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