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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai April 8th 1987

Excerpt of the Rev. H. Nigel Fox Jr. Travel Journal - Circa 1948 ENTRY 43 -- Clouds of Glory The last thing I recall were his remarks about his watch. I left in a daze, feeling energised, euphoric, omnipotent. One of my episodes must have come upon me. I remember little of the hours or days between my departure, and the awareness that I was sitting on a bench near the train station in my 'English dress', with a sun helmet on my head. My mind cleared momentarily as I sat waiting. Still in my euphoric state, my gaze was drawn to an arresting sight between two vendors, one selling samosas, the other selling chai. There stood the little sikh boy and his mother, the air round them seeming somehow washed clean in an otherworldly way. ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi April 7th 1987

Excerpt of the Rev. H. Nigel Fox Jr. Travel Journal - Circa 1945 ENTRY 42 -- The Iron Sceptre It was the travel arrangements that proved to be the greatest difficulty: although Lahore and Delhi are not far from each other, I arrived three days behind schedule having met up a group of about one hundred Akalis in black turbans, who had marched from Amritsar. They had taken the vow at the Golden Temple that they would not commit a single act of violence, either by word or deed. Extraordinary! My stomach was full of butterflies at the thought of meeting 'him'. My anxiety stemming from not knowing what I would say. Upon arrival, one of his nieces led me to him, telling me I could visit for 24 hours, but I must be like a ... read more

Asia » India » Jammu & Kashmir April 3rd 1987

Excerpt of the Rev. H. Nigel Fox Jr. Travel Journal - Circa 1945 ENTRY 38 -- The Temple Opened From my experiences at the Ashram of Charity, I was beginning to get a taste of their beliefs and how they could be put into practice. To learn a little more about their background and teachings, I turned to the Ashram's well-stocked library. During the spare moments of each day I began to research the Mahatma in earnest. Laying several books out on the round, central table in the library, I positioned myself as close as I could to the open window in order to catch the breeze. I must admit I was was disappointed. All of his teachings were as old as the hills: love, forgiveness and turn the other cheek. Nothing novel or inspired. I ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi July 31st 1986

ENTRY FIVE - July 31 1986 India Bombay: almost indescribable in its intensity, assailing all the senses at once. As you arrive in the East, what strikes you is that everything - down to the smallest detail - is radically different; you're now in an alien world. Sights, smells, sounds, all compete for attention. Our taxi inched slowly through the dense traffic, horn blasting, eddies of people washing around us, cyclists weaving their way in and out, heedless of the larger vehicles. Tiny three-wheeled auto-rickshaws putt-putted past like toy cars, fitting into infinitesimal spaces. The odor that is India pervaded everything: a sweetness of sandalwood mixed with burning cow dung, and just a hint of spicy food. "... read more
The Cadbury Smile
Pune, India
Pune street scene

Asia » India » Jammu & Kashmir » Srinagar April 3rd 1972

Day 52 - Monday 3rd April The important task today was to find a decent houseboat for our stay in Srinagar - last night's houseboat was poor and the river was not that appealing. Jean-Pierre and Barbara stayed behind to look after our luggage whilst the remaining six of us set off in different directions to meet at the Tourist Information Office - too many of us together seemed to cause too much excitement amongst the owners. On my route, I was stopped several times with offers of the "very best" houseboat - made a note as may be interesting to look at later. Carolyn and Janet went to see a houseboat by the river called Suffering Moses - I am against though as I had not been impressed last night. We arrived at the Tourist ... read more
Nagin salesman

Asia » India » Jammu & Kashmir » Jammu City April 2nd 1972

Day 51 - Sunday 2nd April Another early rise at 5.50am in readiness to catch the bus - sometimes it feels like a waste to pay for a bed and try to sleep in these circumstances. The bus seats were incredibly narrow and I shared my bench with Carolyn and slim Peter. Fortunately the bus made frequent stops on our day long journey. The scenery was truly spectacular along high winding roads passing several landslides and numerous warning signs - "beware weak bridge" and ""beware avalanches for 2 miles" - kind of scary. Added to these concerns, one could see the wrecks of numerous vehicles (buses and lorries) which had fallen off the edge into the ravine below. Kashmir was certainly delightful after the cold, damp and bleak landscapes of the earlier part of the journey. ... read more

Asia » India » Punjab » Pathankot April 1st 1972

Day 50 - Saturday 1st April What a noisy town - there was noise and shouting all night ! After a lot of haggling, the fare was agreed for the short trip to the bus station - it was amazing how high the initial rate was quoted at. The journey to Jammu was without incident. The journey took three hours through the green countryside and there was pleasant warming sunshine to enjoy. However I was quickly surrounded by people and had difficulty in protecting my rucksack from the porters. Eventually I escaped and made the long walk up the walkway to the Kashmiri Tourist Office. The effort was well worthwhile as the Office was full of brochures and the staff were extremely helpful. I stayed for over an hour and sorted out train times and acquired ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi May 22nd 1964

1964 Diary Entry "The next morning we got up, got dressed and went down to breakfast. After breakfast Dad ordered a car to take us around Delhi. First of all we went past all the embassys (sic, I won't bother with the "sics" any more; there would be too many of them) and a lot of other buildings. Then we got to an old tower which is about 280 ft high. At the back of the tower there are a lot of arches and old carvings of which were a great interest to me. After looking at these things we got back into the car. Then we drove on. After driving for about ten minutes we stopped at a mosk. These mosks are very interesting and very common in India. After going inside and having a ... read more
Entrance to the Presidential Palace, Delhi
Mosque, Delhi
Mosque, Delhi

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi May 21st 1964

1964 Diary Entry "The next morning Mum started packing for that day we were leaving for New Delhi. When lunch time came we went over to Mrs Sung's place for she was going to give us a Chinese cooking party. When we got there we discovered that she was going to take us to a restaurant to eat. When we got to the restaurant we started our food. The Sung family and Dad ate with chopsticks while Mum and I ate with a knife and fork. I thought that the food was delicious. After lunch we had to say goodbye to the Sungs. They walked us back to the hotel and that was the last time that we were going to see them. Then we went up to our room, got our baggage together and went ... read more
Air India's magazine "Foolishly Yours", "England, Part 2

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Fatehpur Sikri November 30th 1940

Away in the bus again calling at Fatehpur Sikri on the way to see the old Mogul Palace. Very interesting tour but spoilt by aggressive salesmen selling trinkets. ... read more

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