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July 6th 2012
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I was expecting the house to be some type of compound but the city is much to crowded for houses like that. They live in a 3 bedroom apartment that is very clean and nice. They have a maid that is only 8 years old. She is from a very very poor family so they took her in. The maids arent like servants, they are more like family members because they live in the same house, although the maid never eats with us. At first I found it almost cruel that they have this child taking orders but I realized that they are actually doing good by giving her a home, food, and paying her.

After eating breakfast (eggs and toast) and relaxing for awhile, they took me to a grocery store. The driving is absolutely insane. No stop lights, signs, or even lanes. Everyone honks literally every 2 seconds. It's interesting though because it isnt a honk of aggression like at home, it's more of " hey im gonna swerve and squeeze my way through here so dont hit me or else its your fault". It's hard to explain but its crazy with tons of motorcycles and scooters.

The grocery store is very similar except for the fact that all the meat products are kept in seperate store. 80% of indians are vegetarians so they keep it seperate. No beef, everything is chicken; chicken sausage,salami, everything.

After coming back I met more of the family over some vodka drinks. Surprisingly good vodka. Watched a movie and went to bed. They have a bunch of american channels so its nice. I'm sleeping in Sunnys room which has a queen bed and seperate tv.

All talk about my first day of work later. If anybody has questions please ask because I feel like im just rambling.


6th July 2012

Thanks so much for your postings. I don't want to take time away from your experiences in India. I will enjoy reading about your impressions. How has your work experience been? How about food? How are you adapting to the food? Can you think of anything you want me to send you? Or for your hosts? I love you and miss you. Are you taking your meds? I think we forgot to buy bug spray, or did you?
9th July 2012

My work experience has been very good and im learning alot. At first they wouldn't even let me try the indian food. They said I have to wait a few days then slowly try more and more. From what i have tryed so far it has been fine with me. If you really want to send something I think a fancy bottle of whiskey is good. They really like it. I am taking my meds. I do have bug spray and they also have a bug repellant creme that is better.
8th July 2012

Do you eat with the family? How about lunch? Are you at the factory during lunch? Do you bring your lunch with you? Was Subway just like our Subway? Were there any different food choices? Did you see the little girls the little dresses and hats were for? Are they just as cute as could be? You should buy a camera. Are you takings photos with your phone? Are you still feeling so tired? We are enjoying WI, the temp has gotten down to the 80's so much more comfortable. Dad took off Monday also, so I guess I will too. I hope Oma is ok? Nick is there so I feel pretty confident that she is. Have you got any ideas about what I could send for the family. Is there something's that is scarce, and coveted, that I can send. Is there anything you need, that I cans send you?
9th July 2012

I do eat with the family, breakfast and dinner. Lunch is packed for me and even brought to the factory for me since the maids come to the factory also to fix the lunch and clean up after. Subway was very similar except more types of indian sauces, no beef. There were a few different indian choices. Ill explain who I lived and live with in a post. I haven't decided if I want to buy a camera, I have been taking alot of pictures and videos with my phone and its just easier because I always have it with me. I am just now getting rid of the jet lag. I would feel tired all day, mostly my eyes would get extremely dry. But then I would wake up at like 8 am and not be tired at all. Again, I think whiskey would be fine. If I think of anything better Ill let you know. I dont think I need anything.

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