Bombay and Pushing and Shoving II

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November 16th 2010
Published: November 15th 2010
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This is a repost of a previously posted blog, I got word that some people had trouble reading...enjoy!

We left Jaipur for Bombay yesterday and it was possibly worse than our flight from Pune to Delhi. Security at the airport is kinda crazy. They scan all your checked bags in security and then you go through another screening for yourself and your carry ons. When you yourself go throught security, they split you in to men and women. Women head behind a screen and are frisked/metal detectored. It is the same at a lot of the monuments and hotels as well, after the Mumbai attack, security is tight. They tag your carry ons and ask for your boarding pass before and after you land. So you think with all of that that you'd not be able to get much through security....wrong....apparently Aruna had 4 pints of Fosters in her bag that didn't even get questioned....ahhhh the illusion of security!

We boarded the plane in Jaipur for Bombay and found out that there was bad weather in Delhi, so planes headed for Delhi were being routed to....guess where.....Jaipur. Our flight sat at the airport for like two hours. Pure chaos. We sat waiting while people questioned the pilot (yes the idiot came out of the cabin to talk with folks). Never EVER fly Spice Jet. There was a hostess that smelled like a homeless person on BART who kept walking by and burning our nose hairs....then after 2 hours we finally took off. I still don't understand why they boarded us knowing there was a backlog of planes flying in.

We visited with Aruna's family last night. We ate traditional Gujarati food and drank and laughed on Ranjit's uncle's balcony in Bombay. As harsh as the streets in India are, the people I've had the pleasure of meeting have been welcoming and kind. You get to see the real India when you visit with the people who live there. I had my palm read by Ranjit's aunt which was pretty cool. Ranjit and I spent the nigth at a hotel at Juhu beach and Aruna was at her brother's. We figured we gave them a lot to talk about last night 😊

This morning we went to the gate of India and had a drink at the Taj Hotel where the terrorist bombings occured. All of the hotels we've been to have been gated and check under the hood of the car and under the carriage when you go in. The Taj is right across from the gate of India which is packed with people and also there are ferries and boats coming in to the harbor. The hotel itself is right on the was easy to see why it was a target. Security is present now and we were scanned and went through metal detectors before going to the bar.

On our way back, it rained so hard it was ripping the roof off of the road stop we stopped at for a food and bathroom break. Thunder and lightening and monsoon!

So no one here has any concept of standing in line and waiting their turn. At all of the monuments and at the airport, people push and shove in the same fashion they drive. It's completely annoying. Ranjit's mom has almost gotten knocked over a few times due to the shoving that goes on. If there is one thing I hate about India it's that. Driving is the same! People don't use the lanes but rather move their cars to any available space and squeeze through the gaps in the road. Its nuts!

Thats all I have to give tonight. Will post again tomorrow.



16th November 2010

Bombay and Pushing and Shoving II
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