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November 9th 2010
Published: November 9th 2010
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Hello From Delhi!

We left yesterday on Spice Jet Air for Delhi. The experience in the airport alone was worth writing about. Upon entering the airport, you go through a bunch of "security" bags get marked and stamped. We had trouble getting our carry ons on the plane because they were too Ranjit removed his laptop and I removed my camera, then we went through security and put them back in...ugggh! Men go through one security screening and women because of the large skirts etc are scanned individually behind a curtain.

The airport we left from (Pune airport) shares the airport with the military. So when the military is launching planes, all others have to wait behind. Our plane was of course delayed. Once we landed in Delhi we taxied for over 15 minutes to a parking place, we did not come to the terminal. They then crammed us on buses to the terminal...reminded me of BART but worse. The doors to the bus did not shut and we were near the door trying not to lose our luggage or ourselves out the door! It was seriously the longest 2 hour plane ride I've ever been on.

We are staying at Lalit hotel which is beautiful. The security here is top noch. All of Delhi has consulates and political offices. When we entered the gate to the hotel, they checked the car and lifted the hood. Once at the front door, they put our purses through xray machines and we walked through metal detectors. There is even a metal detector to get to the elevators.

In the car we saw India Gate which is dedicated to military personnel who have lost their lives. I'll put pictures on facebook if not here soon. We also saw the president's house and parliment. Delhi is very beautiful and very clean in comparison to Bombay. Today we have a whole day of travels planned and tomorrow we go to Taj Mahal. 😊 Miss everyone terribly especially Ben and Bobby!


9th November 2010

Hi Cuz!
Sounds like an amazing experience! Please tell me that you are going to see some tigers somewhere along your travels? Going to India and not seeing tigers would be shameful! :)
9th November 2010

अच्छा दिन
Following your tirp with great interest. It sounds like quite an adventure. I have always had an interest in visiting India but have never had the opportunity. Don't forget to अपने दाँत ब्रश and अपनी प्रार्थना कहना. All the best to you both.
17th November 2010

Haha. Ranjit\'s last name is Wagh which means Tiger. I\'ve seen many Waghs since I\'ve been yeah, the tigers are all around! No Tigers, but lots of cows, monkeys, dogs, chickens, goats and donkeys!

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