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February 8th 2020
Published: February 8th 2020
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Well the first thing is to go down and check out the breakfast buffet which can be the eating event of the day. I figure if I eat enough at breakfast, I can have little or not lunch. Sometimes 2 or 3 mini bananas is just enough to tide me over until supper time.

At 9:30 we are going Sri Aurobindo Ashram. This is an extension of the Auroville community and is where The Mother’s tomb is located. We must remove our shoes and walk in silence inside the ashram. An ashram is a place of spiritual practices with no need for material things, a place to practice yoga and meditation. In this ashram, The Mother’s tomb is covered in magnificent flower designs and people are praying at her tomb. The enclosure is very reverent and there is sadness that The Mother is no longer here. Her belief was that all people of all nationalities should be able to live together harmoniously, simply and without greed or need of luxury, in harmony with nature. This principle, if followed by all, would make our world a fantastic place to live, wouldn’t it?

A little longer walk will take us to Baker Street Cafe, ironically it is on Bussey Street, but what a great place to have a refreshment. I had a cheese quiche and a piece of cheesecake...mmmmmmm. Delicious!

Nancy, Jane and I walked back while the others took a tuk-tuk because they had spa appointments. Because of the heat and humidity, we were really ready for the pool when we go back. Today is a dry day in India; there are many of them because there are many designated festival days and each one is a dry day.

On our walks through the streets, I saw a good sized car that was a taxi with two young men hanging on to the outside of the car pull up in front of us. The men jumped off, the taxi turned around and sped off.

I have mastered the skill of crossing streets at a corner. You may think this is not so special - ha! There are no stop signs and it is a free for all. Vehicles (motorbikes, cars, bicycles, etc.) are crisscrossing in between each other and they are all going a different direction. So after checking to make sure there is nothing close enough to run over me, I step out and start walking at an even pace. Vehicles whizz by in front and behind but you just keep walking & hope for the best. I haven’t been run over yet. When we rode the tuk-tuk yesterday, I noticed that the driver never looks to see if something is coming when he made a turn - just hope for the best!!

Did I tell you what a tuk-tuk is? It is like a 3 wheel motorcycle with a covered passenger seat behind the driver. And it is an adventure to ride in one. I swear that they do their darndest to scare us because we are tourists. At full speed, they squeeze through a space you would think a cat couldn’t get through. In the process, nearly running down two pedestrians and another tuk-tuk. Great fun! And my opinion of why they are called tuk-tuk? When you hear them coming, all you hear is the gas motor going “tuk, tuk, tuk, tuk, tuk”.

While we were down in that area we did some shopping. I bought a bright pink kurta which is a long tunic worn over pants and a turquoise silk hip length tunic. Time to describe the Indian women’s garb. I can’t begin to describe all the wondrous colours that Indian women wear. Saris in every colour you can imagine, many of them shot through with gold or silver embroidery, punjabi suits which are wide pants with a long tunic over top in all those rainbow colours. The saris and the Punjabi suits all have a wide scarf that covers the breast area and is thrown over the shoulder to flow down the back. The little girls are in long princess gowns in all vibrant colours with gold earrings and necklaces- very pretty. The pictures don’t do the colours justice.

Supper is at 7 p.m. in our hotel. We get to choose one soup, one appetizer, one main and one dessert. After the tomato basil soup and the Greek salad I was already full. Luckily I booked a spa treatment, foot and leg massage at 8:15 so I left the table, had my refreshing massage and came back later to eat my main course and dessert. Worked out perfectly.

After a long walk on the Promenade with Helen, Jane and Joan, it’s time to call it a day.

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