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Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata » Dum Dum March 25th 2017

I will always say....have a "dream"in life and God is always there to fulfill all your wishes... I had a dream of getting a night time shot of "Victoria Memorial Hall" and that night I was really lucky to get my "Dream shot". I was just returning frustrated from a "Craft Exhibition" named "Ustaad"which was supposed to begin today but was yet to start the way it was expected to be. Suddenly my car was crossing Victoria and it was just mesmerising to see the Queen Victoria glowing with lighting arrangement.I stopped my car and took no time take these two shots with my iphone7plus . I hope you stop by to watch this night time beauty of "Victoria" in "city of joy" Kolkata and don't hesitate to post your comments please... I am sure one ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata » Dum Dum June 12th 2013

Marriage Anniversary held at Habra 24 pgs of my in-laws... read more
50th Annivarsary

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata » Dum Dum March 8th 2013

Maintenant on dirai "Oh Kolkata!" mais le sentiment est le même. On aime bien cette ancienne capitale. C'est un mélange de grande métropole occidentale avec une très forte touche indienne. Et par endroits c'est un village indien! Il y a des grands boulevards, des statues, des splendides bâtisses coloniales, des superbes maisons en ruines. C'est assez propre et les rabatteurs sont énervants seulement dans les endroits très touristiques. Le nord de la ville est plus pauvre (nous n'avons pas encore visite le cartier universitaire et intellectuel qui se trouve aussi au nord), le centre est colonial et le sud est élégant et chic indien. Pas loin du centre c'est le "village" touristique des backpackers. C'est vraiment comme un village: petites ruelles ou la vie se déroule directement dans la rue, les femmes font la cuisine et ... read more
Oranges au marche de fruits

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata » Dum Dum February 15th 2012

Kolkata is definitley the place to land from what I've heard about the other main cities in India. There was no culture shock to any of the 20 something volunteers. The traffic isn't so crazy and the people are not in your face. The other volunteers of lattitude are all easy going and friendly and we became close during our orientation in Kolkata. We were fortunate enough to be in Kolkata at the time of the annual Bishop's college community fair, where each country of volunteers performed a piece to the locals. Obviously we kiwis were asked to do the haka, and because neither Imogen or Fiona knew it I did the Takapuna Grammar School haka as a one man force with the girls backing me up with shaking wrists. We visited the mother Teresa house ... read more
Me in a Sari
Haka at the Bishop's college fair
The volunteers at Mother Teresa's tomb

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata » Dum Dum February 9th 2012

Jagadhatri Puja inb the year 2011 at our residential Place . Gagadhatri puja is a famous indian occasion . It comes one month after Durga puja. We celebrated in two days from early morning... read more
bisarjan day

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata » Dum Dum January 27th 2012

I am writing this blog a week after our departure from India in order to cool off from our eventful departure. If I would have written this the day after the events occurred I don’t know if I could have kept a level head and I am the calm/mellow one in our relationship, so here it goes. It all started at 5pm when we shared a cab with Carole to the airport. She had prearranged the airport transfer with Intrepid Travel at the cost of $36 Australian Dollars as this was her 1st time traveling outside of Australia and New Zealand and she was a solo traveler. The fee was based on per person so Pete and I knew we could get it much cheaper on our own. Carole let us ride for free as she ... read more

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