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October 28th 2008
Published: October 28th 2008
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We won!
Hi everyone.

We have now finished the entire training programme for staff at DGH. Since being here we have delivered 32 separate training modules to cottage staff, teachers and heads of departments. Everyone has had a taste of a training style which is pretty alien to them and it has taken us many weeks to get colleagues to call us by our first names rather than Sir or Ma’am. The feedback is all very positive and we just hope that everyone is not simply being polite. There remains a two day management workshop for the senior management team due to take place on 5 and 6 November and the training and development part of the programme will be complete.

The weather here has been wonderful for the past 2 weeks with warm sunshine during the day and a distinct chill in the air as evening approaches. Unfortunately the weather changed completely on Sunday and it was cold and raining all day yesterday. Apparently Cyclone Rashmi out in the Bay of Bengal is responsible with heavy rain falling in Calcutta. It cannot possibly be any heavier than what fell last night; at times it sounded as if the roof would

We won too!
come in under the torrent of water. However this morning has started sunny and bright and the cloud cover is receding rapidly.

We are off now for a few days for the Diwali holiday and we are planning to go down to Jaldapara wildlife reserve to look for rhinoceros and tigers. Maybe we will be lucky. We are booked at the Hollong Lodge inside the reserve for a couple of nights and then we will stop off in Mirek overnight on our way back with a chance to go up to the Nepal border, but not into Nepal itself.

The children of the Kindergarten had their annual sports morning yesterday and the weather was pretty grim. The little ones enjoyed themselves undeterred by the mist and rain and the spirit of competition was as fierce as ever. Eleanor was the Honoured Chief Guest and made a speech of encouragement to the children and handed out the prizes. Philip failed to finish the balloon competition to see who could blow the biggest balloon. His balloon burst before he could tie a knot in it!

Now we feel as if we are approaching the home straight. There is still

a report of the project to write and then we will go down to Calcutta for a few days en route for Kerala before flying home. This morning’s post contains a few photos of Kalimpong and surroundings and we will be back soon with an account of our safari and maybe even a picture of some tigers!

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The Chief Guest presents the prizes


The school playing field - what a view

28th October 2008

can't quite believe how quickly the time is passing - sounds like a great place and I'm sure all who read the blog think we should all follow your example… had to scrape the car windscreen this morning (and the clocks just changed - dark nights, yuk!) so winter is creeping up on us here look after yourselves and hope you enjoy your break before you come home t
28th October 2008

Well, I was going to say that with all that travel, have you done anything yet but as I hadn't read the other messages properly, I shall withdaw that comment. Just magic reading up, just so jealous of you both.........greetings from sunny Walsall, honest, well it was 10 minutes ago...............have to agree we can't match that view from the playing fields althopugh the multi-story carpa rk shimmers in the sun...........take care and looking forward to the next entry.
28th October 2008

Keep up the good work!
Another brilliant account of your exciting times! Is it not time for your return!! lots of love x
28th October 2008

Happy Diwali
And a happy Diwali to you two too! Glad to note that you can see the end of the tunnel of work. I saw Kerala on telly the other night. It looks wonderful but seeking tigers and other exotic animals sounds not too bad either. No pressure, you understand, but I expect photos of the big cats next time! Keep up the good work. Cheers Alastair
28th October 2008

Hello from cold Warwick!!
Hi There, Thank you for adding me to your blog the pictures are amazing and what a fantastic experience you must be having!!! Enjoy the rest of your time..Alix x
28th October 2008

Hiya folks the pics are great! enjoy ur wee holiday and speak2u soon Love to you both missing u loads katie and james xx
28th October 2008

Clocks changed
Hi you two, can't believe how quickly your time away is going, we are now officially not summer any more here so are envious of those sunny days you are having. Glad things are going well and hope you enjoy your trip to the wildlife reserve. The McQuades will hopefully have new additions for you to see when you come home, patter of tiny paws should hit on 6th Dec all being well! Take care of yourselves. Mo and Eric and the gang xx
31st October 2008

Happy Diwali
Greetings from sunny Ednam - that's a joke, by the way!! Glad to hear you are having fun on your trip and it sounds as though the work has gone well too. Our advice is to stay away as long as you can - we have all grown webbed feet here! See you soon. Love to you both. John and Helen
2nd November 2008

We had a view similar to that this week in Snowdonia with panoramic views of mountains covered in snow! UK not sooooo bad! Sounds like you are having fab time - your blog makes interesting reading.
16th November 2008

Greetings from Glasgow, and so pleased that all has gone well with your travels and work. We're all enjoying the updates and pictures and send you our love. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Take care Donna x

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