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Ohhh! Not possible for me to avoid the warmth but fearsome invitation of the “Valley of Flowers” any more. Some times, I think about the curse of my father, when I was young. I told him about my dreams, about my future plan to become a tourist!! He is a man of conventional thinking and accustomed with darn reality. He ridiculed me saying: My boy! You wanted to become a vagabond!! Ok may god fulfill your wishes! Being suffocated with the long boring monotonous work, I too was thinking for some relief. And suddenly I came upon the idea of visiting Valley of flowers, which is far away from the Din and bustle of the modern sophisticated life but not too far from New Delhi. After much hesitation, I finally dared to inform Mahua my only ... read more
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(before this post i would like to ask everyone to ignore the times that i have spelt 'woak' rather than woke in previous posts, thank you) Haven't posted in a few days so i've decided to cover the whole of the last week in one post. Having arranged to the Valley of Flowers on Tuesday morning (i think it was Tuesday, its very easy to lose track of the days here) myself, Steve, Ilona and Lyn all had an early night on Monday and i set my alarm for 3.30am :-/. I got up at 3.55am grabbed my (thankfully) prepacked bag and shot out the door to meet the others and the car that we had paid 600 rupees each for to take us to the Valley. i needn't have rushed. After half an hour in ... read more

So as I learned from the educational video I watched at the visitor centre in Ghangaria, the valley is famous for having over 500 species of flowers, creating great carpets of colour during the summer months. Sadly when I was there the weather was pretty misty, depriving me of the blue skies I had imagined and totally ruining my photos. The valley is surrounded by amazing 6000m peaks but you couldn't really see them for the mist, except at times when the tops of the mountains would break through like islands floating above the clouds. It was still gorgeous and the weather made for a very mysterious atmosphere, but it did not translate well to photography (not at my inexpert hands anyway). There were no more than about a dozen other people in the valley that ... read more

So, I'm writing now from the city Amritsar in the Indian state of Punjab. This city is famous for housing The Golden Temple, a shrine of the Sikh religion made out of 750kg of pure gold, its a very beautiful building! Also, this place has a dormitory where they house and feed you for free, pretty sweet! The past week has been pretty cool, and very busy. Things seem to be about 50/50 between the hassles of riding on buses or trains, and then exploring the new destination. The hike I did in the valley of flowers was amazing, and to get there me and the Aussie who came with me had to take a twelve hour bus, hitchike 18km on a motorcycle, hike 13km into a village that can only be accessed by foot, and ... read more
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Arrival into Haridwar, confirmed our idea that we were well and truly ‘over’ Indian towns. Hardiwar was absolutely jammed packed with people, most of which had come to do their pilgrimage to the sacred waters of the Ganges. Haridwar is an interesting enough place. The Ganges properly begin here and thousands and thousands of devotees and pilgrims come to the sacred ghats to take a holy dip in the waters. It also attracts beggers, sadus (holy men - easily spotted in their orange robes, slightly wild eyes and hair down to their backsides) people with deformities and everything else in between. The crowds of people lining the river made an amazingly colourful and overwhelming sight. I wish I could have photographed everything. The photos would have been stunning but it didn’t quite feel right to take ... read more
The Valley of Flowers
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Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Valley of Flowers National Park September 14th 2007

Hi there, It was a wonderful experience being on this trip..... Sri Hemkund Sahib and Valley of Flowers . Group Introduction: The group had 13 members in total, generally with age group 25-30 with two members above 40. 10 of them working in same organization - ST Microelectronics Pvt. Ltd. with one of the friend from Freescale Semiconductor (including her parents). There were 9 male members and 4 female members. The trip started on (evening) Friday the 31st of August 2007 and ended on (morning) Thursday the 6th of September 2007. We had all sorts of experiences over the trip like experiencing the (mini) bus ride on the dark hilly roads, Trekking with our heavy backpacks, Taking a bath in freezing cold water, trekking in rain and during late evening with dim torch light....etc. I do ... read more
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Gurudwara: Govind Ghat

Joshimath - Govindha - Ghangariya - Valley of Flowers... read more
Valley of Flowers
Valley of Flowers
Valley of Flowers

An early morning (4am) start and a sleepy kiss from San saw Rich off in the direction of Haridwar GMOU bus kiosk with a schedule to be back in 5days in order to catch our train from Haridwar to Agra the next morning. The rickety old bus left at 5am on the long cramped journey to Govinghat. During this world trip we have been on some hair-raising bus journeys but this one took the biscuit. As the beetlenut crazed driver threw the bus round the hairpin bends on the potholed one-and-a-half vehicle wide roads, I peered down the often several hundred metre drops into the river below, the sound of travel sick people throwing up out of the windows. 13 hours and one short stop later I arrived at Govinghat (1800m as) amazingly still in one ... read more
Sadu on the climb
Badrinath Hindu holy temple...
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Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Valley of Flowers National Park September 23rd 2006

Well my time in the peaceful land of Rishikesh came to a swift close when Jordan and I decided to finally visit the Himalayas up close and personal. Our bus left Rishikesh at something like 4:30AM and our Rickshaw driver waited anxiously through the night in his little auto rickshaw for our agreed 3:30am wake up time. The bus ride was awful. The road wound its way through countless valleys and mountains with locals systematically vomiting out the windows and leg room at an all time low. I can safely say that I hated the bus ride more than Randy hates Tia Carerra (which is a lot). After the horrifying bus ride concluded from Rishikesh we found ourselves situated on a beautiful river in the heart of some splendid mountains in the town of Govindghat. Basically ... read more
Sikh Pride!
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Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Valley of Flowers National Park October 20th 2005

Hello all, Afer Amritsar, we have arrived to Rishikesh which is a nice spiritual town on the Ganga river. I have been there before but I liked to come and visit again. However, it is very touristic. When you enter a resturant, it is the same as sitting in a resteraunt in Israel, almost only Hebrew is heard. I don't like this scene so after 2 days we have decided to travel to a less touristic place. We went north to a place called 'Govind Ghat where you can hike up in the Himalaya mountains. We arrived there after a very long (12 hours) and difficult journey in the local bus. Lo kal in the local bus. It appeared that Govind Ghat at that time is a ghost city. It is off-season and only one guest ... read more
Valley of flowers
Valley of flowers
Valley of flowers - reamaining of flowers

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