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August 17th 2007
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i wish i could post all of them.

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open mic nightopen mic night
open mic night

s. african guy in the middle is amazing with the djembe

in the rock garden

russian owned, people, one of our fav places to eat in manali. you can make a picture, post it on the wall & then others can buy with donation, that money going to help children
our sleeper busour sleeper bus
our sleeper bus

look at that face
a short visita short visit
a short visit

to the institution
rock gardenrock garden
rock garden

caught in a whistle. except i can't really whistle, i was practicing.
swings swings

at the rock garden

by day

by night
nat as a flynat as a fly
nat as a fly

natalie seems to have the fly movements down.
taken by a flytaken by a fly
taken by a fly

she likes this one, the apple orchard outside our window
our rideour ride
our ride

down to manali from our walk. this is the driver, didn't get one of the helper.

17th August 2007

Great Uttarakhand
Gr8 to see pics of Himalayas and its good to know that people like our Uttaranchal. Thanks K.S.RAWAT
18th August 2007

Hey sis, I miss you. Love the pictures and you.
20th August 2007

What amazing scenes!
To someone who has never been there, it's like "Okay, that's what I thought India looked like... no, now she's in China... now she's in Scotland..." but it's all the same city. Wow.
21st August 2007

My tumko pyar karta hu
21st August 2007

Jessica the photos are wonderful! I am glad you are having fun.
23rd July 2008

beatuiful pauri
i love my mom dad

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