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Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Joshimath February 16th 2017

Plans. You can only plan so much and so early but if fate intervenes, then there is nothing much you can do about it. What had been a stellar early plan for a trek to Kashmir Great Lakes, had to be scrapped at the last moment which resulted in a trek to another place I had on my bucketlist. Kashmir fell into chaos in the first week of July 2016, when Burhan Wani was killed in an encounter by the military. Indiahikes assured us that we will not face any issues with the trek but most of us were not sure about the situation there and decided to cancel the trek. But we had already booked flights and so we decided to find an alternate trek. Though Indiahilkes offered us Hampta pass trek, I was very ... read more
An insect on a Vajradanti flower
Silene Vulgaris
On our way to Joshimath

Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Joshimath January 25th 2017

“The wind whispers the message of the mountains; to be understood only by the chasers of clouds and dreamers of stars”. After my recent visit to the Queen of Hills-Darjeeling, I was stuck awe at the view of the majestic Kanchenjunga; though I have been to the hills of the Western Ghats quite few times, I have never felt such bliss. After this first encounter with these magnificent mountains I decided to plan a trek in the Himalayas in December (so the probability of finding snow is greater and I had my Christmas holidays). On my way back to Chennai from West Bengal, I have done my research and shortlisted “Winter Kauri Pass” (primarily because this trek had the most number of snow photographs ;-D ) and felt I should do it alone even if my ... read more
Heavenly scenes On our way to Joshimath
A view from the camp
Frozen stick

Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Joshimath June 26th 2012

The bus to Haridwar from Saharanpur was at 4am so I had to get up at 3am. When I got to Haridwar, the last bus to Joshimath (5:30 am) had already left so I had to go to Rishikesh. Once in Rishikesh, I had to take a rickshaw to the bus station for long distance buses. I missed the government bus and had to settle for private buses which are a bit more expensive. It was not the higher cost that I had a problem with, it was having to wheel and deal and to be really careful as they were sure to cheat me (government buses have set rates). I got on a bus whose owner said that they were going to Joshimath and the fare was 220 Rs. I didn’t trust what he said ... read more

Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Joshimath June 26th 2012

The cheapest rooms listed in the Lonely Planet were 300 Rs. There was an establishment, right at the very beginning of Joshimath just as the bus enters the town, that charged 200 Rs per room but it was horrendous. They changed the pillow cases but they were still dirty, the bed sheets were dirty and the toilet was so small I had to sit sideways to fit. Internet in town was 60 Rs/hr. Downstairs from the place I was staying was a restaurant but the food was awful. In fact everything was awful, the bus ride, the town, the people, the guesthouse and the food. The only amazing thing was the nature. On the way there, the bus passed by really really deep gorges and we went mostly along the river. There were mountains and peaks ... read more

Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Joshimath October 20th 2010

Rishikesh We spent a couple of days together in the chilled out and very hippy atmosphere of Swarg Ashram, part of Rishikesh. This was a pretty relaxing time, often spent in cafes overlooking the river Ganges, or watching some of the many Hindus performing holy rituals in and around the river. We also managed to catch up with some of our friends from our time in China, Tik and Emilie. Since we went our separate ways in Chengdu back in July, their travels have taken them through northern China, Mongolia and Nepal, so we had a lot of catching up to do over several dinners - it was lovely to see them again. The (very bumpy) road north to Joshimath After a few days relaxing in town, we hopped on a bus for the journey to ... read more
View towards Tapovan and the Rishi Ganga river valley
Nanda Devi early in the morning forms a mighty backdrop
Ajay and his bride give the cue for the rush to the buffet to commence

Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Joshimath August 12th 2010

Ok so it's been nearly a month! Total blog fail, as the kids say these days. I have been writing my little journal as I go along, typed up on my snazzy new phone, thinking it would be easy enough to find somewhere with Wifi to upload it all. Wrong! Now I'm finally at the hospital and definitely Wifi-less for the duration, so I'm just going to have to type it all out again. Ah well. So picking up where I left off, I couldn't decide where to go after Rishikesh. Because I wasn't even sure I was going on this trip until 24 hours before my flight (long story), I hadn't really managed to plan or research anything at all. I quite fancied Leh in Ladakh but couldn't afford to fly and the road was ... read more
Taking photos out of a moving bus never works...
Side of the road where we stipped for lunch

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