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January 21st 2012
Published: January 21st 2012
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1: Drive from the airport . . 68 secs
Blimey - Varansi, holy city of Shiva, oldest city in India, banks of the Ganges, where all drivers have a death wish.

Starting to get a taste of the real India now - the journey from the airport was an experience in itself, you have to have the blessings of the Gods to arrive in one piece. Lots of poverty. Feel a bit wierd sitting in our Radisson suite somewhat insulated from it all. Big fat bloaty English blobs dripping in opulence. Shall we have the lard or the dripping for dinner dear ? ( Actually, we're disguised as vegetarians in India - but you take my point!)

Arrived mid-afternoon (flight delayed again, not due to screaming boys this time, but Air Force practicing for Republic celebrations on the 26th Jan) then spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get WiFi working. Bit flaky - IT support couldn't get it going and gave up. (I perservered but have had to cheat so don't know how long I've got before I get chucked off).

Anyway, tomorrow a dawn boat ride on the Ganges, and a tour of Varanasi.

First impressions ?

Moo cows.


22nd January 2012

Only 68 seconds to get from the airport to the driver must have gone like the clappers..death wish indeed!

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