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February 10th 2010
Published: February 10th 2010
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Well we got a few little surprises during our stay in Lucknow, the first was more embarrassment more than anything but a funny story to have but we will get to that in a moment.

We were supposed to be staying with the father of our host from Delhi but since we were completely no relying on the train to drop us of in Lucknow within a 5 hour time frame to let him know what time we would arrive we decided to stay in a hostel. But we still wanted to be able to meet him for dinner that evening.

Soon enough we got in contact with him and a few hours later he had organised for us to be picked up by a couple of his workers and we were wizzed of to what we thought a dinner for us three people but we were in a shock.

Arriving at a massive hotel, taken into a big conference hall with everyone wearing suits and fancy dresses we were introduced to the father our host from Delhi. Now one must remember that we are backpacking and we have worn some horrible clothing over the years but just lucky for us, that night we think in were wearing the worst!

It turned out to be a leaving party for the boss of the Indian railway company for Utter Pradash and the father was second in command (we also soon realised we had been bagging the train system to his workers on the way to the function) so we got invited along.

Both our fake smile was out in force tonight as we were getting introduced to everyone during the evening but it was topped of when we were invited up on stage to be introduced to all the guests! What a night 😊

It was a very interesting night though and when everyone got use to us we were more than welcome and it was much fun, dancing and eating to our bellies were full.

Other things we done in Lucknow, well not a great deal.. Went and had a look at a massive outdoor market, some sightseeing, arguing with rickshaw drivers, just the normal things since we had only one night there so cannot really comment much on the city itself.

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11th February 2010

Regular reader
hi.. am just another indian who is working the U.S. I regularly read the blogs posted in travelblog website just to get a feel of how the travellers view India.. and also get to see india thru the eyes of a foreigner.. i like your blogs.. and also the pictures that you upload.. capturing the everyday life in the different cities.. keep blogging... hope india is treating you good..
12th February 2010

Thanks :)
Nice to get a comment about the blog... We are having a wonderful time in India, people can be a little annoying (rickshaw drivers) but over all the people are very welcoming!

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