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Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Allahabad January 24th 2018

It was a cool, clear, crisp morning as we left by car for the six-hour journey to our next destination, from the State of Madhya Pradesh northwards into Uttar Pradesh, from tranquil Bandhavgarh to the hot, hectic, holy megalopolis of Allahabad. After a too-brief pause to search for tigers, we were continuing our spiritual journey along the sacred River Ganges. But this next holy city was quite unlike those we'd previously experienced. I'd go so far as to say it was distinctly more frenetic, more crowded, more disorganized, more - how can I put this politely - more smelly. Maybe it was different because of its particularly huge resident population - currently around 2.3 Million - in a tiny 70.5 sq kms (20.5 sq miles). More likely, there was something happening here at exactly this time, ... read more
Early morning cycle-rickshaws
David and Purnima in Kanchan Villa's dining room
Khusro Bagh

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Allahabad September 23rd 2015

On Tuesday morning we arrived in Allahabad and got off the sleeper train at about 4am. Due to Marc's sickness we were unable to explore the city. With no WiFi and all shops and cafés closed, we had no way of finding a hotel or hostel to book a room. So we had to turn up on the doorsteps of hotels and ask if we could stay. After being rejected from EIGHT hotels because we were foreign and therefore do not hold an Indian identity card, we were eventually accepted into a grubby looking hotel, but at least the room had air-con. That evening, once Marc was feeling better, we went to the railway station to get a train to Varanasi. Our fond memories of the train to Agra were quickly forgotten. You are advised to ... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Allahabad February 27th 2015

A couple of disappointments firstly after travelling all the way to Similpal national park I discovered on arrival that foreigners now need a special permit that would take four days to arrange anx I cant sit around on my arse that long. It seems a few years ago some Italian idiots went where they werent supposed to and were kidnapped by Moaists. TheI discovered ghat there were some stunning old temples in Bhubneswar that I missed. The next morning we drove for nine excruciating hours almost getting killed on more than one occasion before arriving with the dusk in Buddhism's holiest city Bodhgaya. The lord Buddha achieved enlightenment here sometime around the fourth century BC. Later I went into town for a feed good pizza and some banana choc cheese cake. Nalanda University operated from the ... read more
Main temple
Main temple and stupas

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Allahabad May 27th 2013

So what do two women with a free day in Allahabad do? Visit the confluence of the three holy rivers? No. Visit the Akbar fort, no, it's closed to civilians and is used by the military, do I spend time pondering our existence reaching for a higher plane of consciousness? Definitely not, see my previous bumblebeetuna post for an example of my higher thinking abilities. If you are us you head on over to McDonald's for a crispy chicken sandwich, some French fries and a coke. You notice they do not serve beef or pork products of any kind. Then you shop in the stress free, set price shopping mall where you can find beautiful clothing made with both style and modesty in mind. Then you call it a day. After the heat index reached 132, ... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Allahabad May 27th 2013

We've arrived in Allahabad, a site typically overlooked by tourists, but which should have some interesting sites once we get a little rest and the heat cools a little. We took another night train and this one had its own misadventures, well for Elisa anyways,poor thing. I slept through the night, unaware of some weirdo passenger, pacing the halls and sitting on her. I think the trip was redeemed though when I squeezed her into a tiny rickshaw for the ride to our hotel, good times. I started to wonder about this town as we started to get closer and I looked out the window and every so often you just see some random dude taking a dump right along the track. it's just weird and random, and I swear this is the only phrase you ... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Allahabad April 27th 2013

After being met from the train from Varanasi to Allahabad by a TLM driver we spent the night at the TLM Guesthouse over the road from the hospital. The food during our stay was the best we have eaten since we have been here. On the morning of Monday the 22nd of April Andrew and I were shown around the inspiring Naini hospital. The hospital works with both leprosy patients and non-leprosy patients in order to decrease the stigma of the disease. The bellow covers just one aspect of the amazing work being done at Naini Hospital. Please see further entries for more on the CALL (Challenge Anti Leprosy Legislation) Campaign and the work being done by outreach social worker programs in the community. We also want to say that it was wonderful to meet Becky ... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Allahabad April 25th 2013

Amelia has told you about the huge range of procedures that they do at the TLM Naini Community Hospital, so I, as your de facto medical correspondent will give a little introduction about the hand and foot de-clawing operations they do here and at Nand Nagri. Basically there are 3 nerves running up the forearm connecting the fingers to the brain. The radial, median and ulnar, and the quantity of bacteria infecting each one is directly proportional to the amount of clawing in each of the corresponding fingers that nerve controls. The nerve damage caused by the bacteria, like all nerve damage, is virtually impossible to repair. So in order to correct the clawing, a tendon is brought around from the other side of the hand to add some more tension in order to straighten the ... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Allahabad September 28th 2012

I have been quiet yesterday because I was not in the mood to get out of the hotel. Here’s why. After my last entry I had dinner on a tree top (I’m not kidding) with a nice view of the temples of Khajuraho and went to bed watching Wanted on Star Movies (That’s the only channel along with National Geographic that is in English). I woke up to the face of Nicolas Cage (I hadn’t turned the TV off…) and left the hotel after a pretty good night. Breakfast was quick because I had an early train and the corn flakes were stale. The rickshaw driver stopped at a gas station for what seemed to be ages and I finally got in line for a general ticket to Mahoba where I would take a sleeper class ... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Allahabad February 5th 2010

Our next city on the new itinerary was Allahabad, pretty much in the middle of know where really. Finding a place to stay was no worries with the hotel named ‘Hotel Royal’ and you would think that it would be a pretty decent sort of hotel but not this.. We have stayed in some pretty bad places but this was getting up pretty high on the worst hostel/hotel list. So we dropped off our backpacks and headed exploring around the city for the little time we had and no looking back we both wish we had a little less time really. Not too much exciting for a city of great importance. Two of India’s holiest rives, the Ganges and the Yamuna, meet one of Hinduism’s mythical rivers, the Saraswati. So people are down there in droves ... read more
Allahabad (23)
Allahabad (34)
Allahabad (13)

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Allahabad November 2nd 2008

Allahabad was great fun and nowhere near as busy as Chitrakoot which was a welcome relief after the excitment of yesterday. We had a fairly relaxing day after a very early 4.30 am start. I found out that I won't establish whether I have a seat reserved on the sleeper train from Varanasi to Darjeeling until a few hours before the train is due to depart; which dampened my mood quite a bit. I started looking at alternative methods of getting there - bus, plane and hitch hiking (my least favourite). But I won't be able to sort anything out until Varanasi because everyone is on holiday for Diwali - which is what is causing the problem in the first place; despite booking my ticket over 4 weeks in advance, the trains are full of people ... read more

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