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Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruchirappalli May 20th 2020

Lord Brahma once performed penance to see Lord Vishnu’s original form. After several years of penance, Vishnu appeared in front of Brahma in a Ranga Vimana – a special chariot of the Lord carried by 4 Veda deities on their head and sleeping on the coils of the serpent Ananta Shesha. The Ranga Vimana was worshiped by Lord Brahma who later gave the Vimana to King Ishwaku (Lord Rama’s ancestors) on Lord Vishnu’s (Ranganatha) desire. The Vimana was worshipped in Ayodhya by the Ishwaku dynasty and finally by Lord Rama. Lord Rama gave the Vimana to Vibhishana – the brother of Ravana – at the Pattabhishekham, the ceremony where he was crowned as the king of Lanka after Ravana’s death. This ceremony was held at Dhanushkodi Tamil Nadu, near Rameshwaram, after Lord Rama returned from Lanka. ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruchirappalli December 23rd 2019

23rd Dec 2019 Tiruchirappalli (TRICHY) I am staying at Tanjore. Today wanted to visit temples of Trichi. Tanjore to Trichi driving distance by road is 58 Km and expected to take around one and quarter hours. I started my travel today from Tanjore new bus stand at 8 am. Got down at Palpannai by 9.15 am before reaching Trichi bus stand.I got a connection bus to Chatram bus stand Trichi within no time. Reached Chatram bus stand in 10 minutes. In 5 minutes I got a bus to Srirangam and Island in Kavery. This island is formed by the bifurcation of the river Kollidam and the Cauvery. The mainland and the Island is connected by a long bridge. You don't get a feeling that Srirangam is an Island. There was a huge queue for the darshan ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruchirappalli January 13th 2018

Woolly says – Following a dreadful night of noise we were bleary eyed and tired climbing onto our train, Jo’s foresight in reserving us onto a Class 2 AC carriage meant that we had beds for our eight hour journey, we made quick work of getting into them and snoozing the ride away. Our first sight of Trichy was a welcome relief, lots of greenery and although horns still blared from every direction it felt calmer than the madness of Chennai. Tiruchirappalli to give the district it’s correct name is still in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, it’s history began in the 3rd century BC, when it was under the rule of the Cholas. The city has also been ruled by the Pandyas, Pallavas, Vijayanagar Empire, Nayak Dynasty, the Carnatic state and the British. As ... read more
Check out the colours
Biggest Shrine at the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple
Pavement Chalking

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruchirappalli March 2nd 2015

Geo: 10.81, 78.69Ráno se probouzím sám v posteli a sám vyrážím na snídani. Je to trochu nezvyk po dvou měsících. Vyrážím do stejné kavárny a dávám si oblíbenou kombinaci toastu s cappuccinem. Po snídani se vracím zabalit, vysprchovat a vyrážím na nádraží na vlak do Trichy. Ten má jet v 11:10, ale hned zjišťuji, že má cca 40min zpoždění. Nic se neděje, protože mám do odletu spoustu času a tak usedám na batoh a čekám pozorujíce informační obrazovku. Po chvilce si čekání zkracuji pitím chai a netrvá dlouho a vlak doráží. Mám pouze general ticket, co&#... read more
Já ;)

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruchirappalli June 18th 2014

Tiruchirappalli or Trichy to locals, is the administrative headquarter Tamil Nadu state. The city is also an important educational center of Tamil Nadu. Pilgrims across the country flock to Trichy annually for Hindu festivals. Trichy has a very efficient public transportation system. One can get around the city for as low of a fare as 4 IRP. Our Lady of Lourde Church: Our Lady of Lourdes Church Sri Ranganathaswamy temple: My friend Arya, a native of Trichy, invited me to stay... read more
Thayumanaswami Temple

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruchirappalli June 13th 2014

As the Spurs are in the closing seconds of winning their fifth title, I couldn't help but realize the life lessons that one can learn from this event. Although, it is just a game, it shows the effectiveness of consistency, persistence, determination and perseverance. The Spurs have never been known as an entertaining team, but they get the job done. Instead of chasing to built a super team of superstars for the easy win, the Spurs is a team that consists of disciplined and unselfish players. Everyone knows their role on that court. Not many team can come back from a huge heartbreak from the previous year to win the title. Although, the Spurs hasn't won yet, all odds are in their favor. The Heats, as great as they are, just doesn't want it as bad ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruchirappalli October 12th 2011

All was not Peachy in Trichy 8th-10th October 2011 Found out this morning that Wales beat Ireland to get into the semi-finals of the RWC. Yeah!!!!!!!! Best weekend of sport in a long time but sadly we are missing most of it and defintely no rugby here (and no internet connection either so we are really suffering now!!). We have moved futher south again into a less agricultural, more industrial area which is definitely more prosperous and modern (in parts). We saw Levi and Reebok stores and supermarkets as well as the small roadside stalls and markets here and loads of colleges and university campuses outside the towns all very modern.Presumably land is cheaper and with nowhere to go and nothing to do the students are more inclined to study? On the way we stopped ... read more
The Chola Temple
The Museum at Tanjore

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruchirappalli May 7th 2010

Trichy est situé au centre du Tamil Nadu, une ville d’environ 900 000 habitants… Durant notre séjour, nous en avons profité pour visiter deux sites intéressants. Premièrement, nous avons visité un temple qui se nomme Sri Ranganathaswamy. Il est très similaire aux autres temples que nous avons visités auparavant. En ce qui nous concerne, nous n’avons pas tellement aimé la visite due au fait que la presque totalité du temple était fermé au Non-Hindu… Nous avons cependant su apprécier la vue panoramique que nous avons eu d’un point de vue. Le highlight de notre visite a été un temple blanc qui date du 10e siècle… Le deuxième site que nous avons visité est le ‘’Rock Fort Temple’’ qui est littéralement situé au sommet d’une roche immense qui se trouve au centre de la ville. Encore une ... read more
So cute...
Golden dome
View of the temple from a roof top

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruchirappalli March 11th 2010

Fort & Temple Town Gripped by temple fever we made our way by train this time to another of Tamil Naidu's great holy towns. However we managed to arrive in the middle of wedding season and all the accommodation was full, we spent the afternoon driving round like lunatics to settle on a decidedly average pink room, Liff loved it though. The streets where alive with bling for every aspect of a wedding. This time we found a rock temple...437 steps (hard work in 38') took us through and up a massive 'boulder' sitting like Ayers Rock, to the temples. Some were carved into the rock to create 'caves', some were built on the granite, and the views were stunning. Another beautiful temple elephant guarded the entrance, and devotees offered money, flowers and fruit in return ... read more
Trichy Fort at sunset
Were surrounded by them
Temple blessings

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruchirappalli October 4th 2009

This blog covers the time approximately Sep 11 - 15. So in the last blog I left off in the train from Mumbai to Chennai. I think I mentioned most of it already, but one thing I forgot to mention is some of the beggars. I don’t know if it was because I travelled sleeper class - the cheapest class where you still get somewhere to lie down - because on the other train rides later I never saw this. Anyway, at every stop there’d be lots of beggars coming through. There was the normal sort you’d expect - old people, children, midgets, people with missing limbs, blind people, etc. The less serious their physical ailments, the more miserable they try to look. It’s part of the game. No-one wants to give money to a beggar ... read more
Trichy - random people
Trichy - random people

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