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June 28th 2009
Published: June 29th 2009
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So here are the pictures from madurai. Travelblog had some server problems over the last few days so these didn't get posted. We had a great time and finally got to go to a temple. It may seem like sight seeing but I think it's important for the mission team members to get a firsthand look at real Indian Hinduism. The sights, sounds, and smells of temple worship in Madurai are just not what you could learn in a classroom or going to a temple in Michigan. So we are now in Trivandrum and our first day was awesome! We went to Poonthura which is the small fishing village behind the sea wall on the Arabian Sea. You can see all the resorts down the beach at Kovallum but you are in a village where the last American they saw might honestly have been me two years ago. Our cars got surrounded by all the school kids walking home. I got punched in the head, they tried opening the doors, Christy was afraid they were going to break the windows, and Lucy was afraid Christy was going to run over one of them! Despite the hassle getting in, there are so many lessons to be learned from Poonthura. Probably the most important is how people with nothing can still be so faithful. Please think about how your spirituality would be affected by having your possessions taken away. Would wobbly faith be justified by the loss of your home? One of your sisters had her home washed away by the ocean! So for the last three years she's been living in a 10x10 room inside of hut made of palm branches. Not just her but her mother and 3 children share this room. And her room is just 1 of 10 rooms inside this hut. It's a life that I would describe as unbearable and yet she is joyful and faithful. How can I possibly complain or justify my sin ever again? And yet, it happens. I want a comfortable life more than I want a radically spiritual life. That's my downfall and why I need my Indian brothers and sisters in my life. I love you all, enjoy the'll see a ton more when we get back.

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The best translator in South IndiaThe best translator in South India
The best translator in South India

He was amazing with all of our crazy American puns, phrases, and Phil's "Three R's" like they know what that means!
This is 1 year later!This is 1 year later!
This is 1 year later!

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Paul praying.Paul praying.
Paul praying.

After each sermon he prays that the seed will grow.
Hindu TempleHindu Temple
Hindu Temple

The room of 1000 pillars

30th June 2009

Wow again!
Hey guys- These are great pics! The one of Paul actually made me choke up just a bit. Tell him I miss him and Rani! You are right about the Hindu temples. There's nothing like going to one. Well, we're off to the UP. Hope to use the MBC computer on Sunday to check in! Be safe! Love you all. Ben- Love you most. xoxox Jen
30th June 2009

Aaaaah! Not the...
Awesome pics! Wish Madurai had been apart of my last visit. Prayfully, next time! By the way, thx Ben, for that note about comfortable living. It's a great reminder for me as well...a shameful truth.

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