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January 31st 2010
Published: January 31st 2010
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This weekend we went on a trip to a national park called Kodaikanal. Its quite high up in the mountains so it got really really cold at night and i had to get up every hour or so and put on more clothes. We went on amazing 3 hour trek where we saw some really good views and waterfalls as well so i took lots of pics. One of the teachers gave me a list of the best things to see and the first place was called "suicide point"!! which is apparently the main attraction of the whole national park. It was a bit dissapointing when we got there as it was just a normal cliff with a coffee shop on top but the guide said over a hundred people had jumped from there. Another supposed highlight was the Guna caves but when we got to them they were just some pits in the ground! There were loads of wild monkeys running about but they were quite small and harmless apart from when one actually jumped inside the bus. We also hired a load of pedalos and had races on a big lake. It was reallly fun meeting up with all the other volunteers again and also meeting the new ones. Next weekend we are thinking about renting a houseboat which sleeps 10 people and travels along a big river in Kerala so that would be a pretty cool place to spend my birthday. A few of the other volunteers have already had their birthdays here and Indians are a bit similar in that they will buy you a cake with candles on but then after you cut it they always get a piece and smear it all over your face!! and it kind of turns into a food fight evertime! Still feeling fine and enjoying it, got a few ideas about my travels when i finish my placement and it will cover most of central, northern and western India. I think i may have to stay an extra 5 days then i planned to fit in the Taj Mahal but i'm still looking into my options.
Love to evryone back home!


1st February 2010

glad you didn't jump
Well that is a cheerful name for a tourist attraction! Sounds like you are really making the most of your spare time out there and really good that you have others to travel with. Do you think a group of you will travel at the end? And do you really think that you will only extend your trip by five days???!! Any more meat? And very glad to hear that the tash has been decided against. Enjoy the heat, it is rather chilly here. love Buff x

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