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July 26th 2009
Published: July 31st 2009
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Kanyakumari :)Kanyakumari :)Kanyakumari :)

After a looooong train ride, we finally reached Kanyakumari!
For my birthday weekend, we decided to take a trip to Kanyakumari and sneak a peek at Kerala. Kanyakumari is a little beach town at the Southern tip of India. It’s the place where 3 bodies of water meet: the Bay of Bengal from the East, the Indian Ocean from the South, and the Arabian Sea from the West. This little area is of great spiritual significance - there is a Hindu temple devoted to Goddess Devi, an island devoted to Vivekananda, a memorial to Gandhi (where some of his ashes are buried), and sacred waters for people to bathe in. I’m not exactly sure why this spot has such great significance, it seems like there are temples on every corner in India, but it is a friendly, serene choice for a weekend getaway.

The one thing that HAS to be done here is to awake before dawn to see the sunrise. How often do you get to stand at the edge of a continent and see the sun come up? Unfortunately for us, the sun was playing hide-n-seek behind the clouds so we didn’t see anything spectacular. It was also disappointing that there wasn’t much of a beach anywhere - it was all rocky cliffs and not much sand.

After spending a day in Kanyakumari, we took a 2-hour train ride to Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala (also known as Thiruvananthapuram - try saying that 5 times without getting your tongue tied in knots!). There wasn’t much to see in the city so we took a bus to Kovalam Beach - one of the famous beaches of the South. Again, we were disappointed by the lack of sand, but the views across the ocean with the palm trees swaying in the wind were stunning!

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Fish stallsFish stalls
Fish stalls

We stumbled upon these stalls selling the catch of the day.
The last of the mangoesThe last of the mangoes
The last of the mangoes

Mango season is almost over :(

31st July 2009

Happy Birthday!
Awesome pics and Happy Birthday, Jen! :)
31st July 2009

Beautiful Picts!
I'v been to Kovalam Beach- one of sooo many places you've been to. Indeed it is a serene place to relax..Love your pictures as always. Photo 6 is my favorite. Happy Birthday! Again...Love..Pummy
3rd August 2009

Good pictures...
I am glad for your birthday both of you did what you like the best. Happy Birthday- may nothing but happiness come through your door...
14th August 2009

Nice pics!
23rd October 2009

I am addicted to travelling too. This year its Brazil, Uraguay and Argentina but next year we are going to Kerala. We have friends from Kerala and I am fascinated by the research I've done so far. I am freaked out by insects, rodents and others that invade homes but somehow don't mind them so much when they are outside the home. I am in the middle of a mouse infestation and I am just dying for the winter to set in so they will go away! Thanks for posting.. interesting stuff and nice photos!
27th October 2010

Tour packages in kanyakumari
Hello..it seemed you enjoyed the trip from Rameshwaram to Kanyakumari.....!!!!

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