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February 3rd 2013
Published: February 9th 2013
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FEB 3, 2013

Tambaram to Vedanthangal

I planned to see the birds before sunrise. So on this day, I woke up at 4 in the morning (you may call it as a midnight). After freshen up, left from TBM around 4:45 AM & reached Vedanthangal at 5:59 AM. I win, still the sun is sleeping, but not the birds.

At-first, went for a hot Tea in the nearby shop. The temperature is not more than 18 -20 deg C, that country made boiler tea sweets good (Sweeeeet).

Much prior to my entry, thousands of birds are going out of the sanctuary. Oh! did it afraid of seeing me, no comments....go ahead.

Entered into the park, sorry its a sanctuary. (Status of "National Park" is higher; whereas a "sanctuary" is lower.). This difference doesn't sounds good though.

Nearly at 6:15, entered into the park. The same time the Sunrises from the place where there are lots of trees, birds, water, fresh air.... No words are coming now to describe it(even at that time too. I was mesmerized).

I saw different birds (coloured beak, black & grey, full black, pink... Sorry I doesn't know their family names). But one good & common thing about all birds is, it shits during flight & not while in the trees, I don't know what it do when it swims. (Romba Avasiyam)

Took lot of photos even after 9 AM. Got bid bored of taking photos continuously for 3 hours in an empty stomach. My bellies started to ring bells; Calm it with oranges, Bread, butter & Jam. (and a biscuit). Took some rest in the nearby bench.

Difference in temperature, the stench (from the birds) told me that its the time to leave. Around 10:30, left from there to reach Thirukalunkundram.

Vedanthangal to Thirukalunkundram

Instead of going via chengalpet, switched another option to reach Thirukalunkundram. I always love to explore these things (then I felt so bad of choosing it, that's different). The road leads from Karunguzhi to Thirukalunkndram (~20 KMS) is so worst. I can say there is no road, its a form of road with ground sand & some jallies. The path started with cement road for one KM & remaining, there is no piece of thar. Great expedition!!!!

Around 11:45, I reached at the foot hills of the temple. The small town is really awesome. It is surrounded by hills, green paddy fields, small tanks, a big carved temple pond. The temperature is getting hotter, so I decided to go up the hill to have darshan before the temple closes at 1PM.

With bare foot & some energy walked up the 300+ steep steps slowly & at a constant speed. Reached the hill top within 15 minutes. Whoa yeah!!!!

At the time I'm entering, the priest started to show a big Aarathi to the sivan. Had a nice darshan. Prayed the almighty with my both hands & after 2 minutes of "Om Namasivaya" mantra chantings, came around the Garbagraha (Outer peripheral). Say few monkeys over there. I don't know how i survey at that place, coz there is no water, no fruits/food... nothing. They seems to be much weaker. (Where is the blue crosssssss).

God might felt that, yes i'm in hungry. Suddenly a priest came before me & gave Sambar rice in plantain leaf. It tasted like Amirtham (you know it, there is a Tamil saying: When you're in Hungry, even the old food tastes better).

A priest (I don't know of which temple) came & I asked him about the name reason of this town. He briefed me about the Eagles coming there to eat the Swami Prasadham.

From his knowledge, Pair of Eagles (Rishi's - born as Eagles, may be a curse) after a dip at Kasi in the early morning, will go to Rameswaram to worship the God "Shiva" & return here, round the hill at 11:30 AM exactly & then came to a place in the hill top next to the temple to ate the Prasadham. The Sivachariya (Priest) gave the rice to eagles in his hands. After eating, it rubs its Beak in the rocks. This was happened till 1992. The ugly humans made this scene as a business & lot of crowd gathered to see this. It bothered the eagles & they stopped coming.

The view from the hilltop is so scenic, Thousand eyes are not enough to see it. The breeze from Bay of Bengal passes through the fertile green lands gives you a glimpse of feather touch. The sun is above my head (temp is 35 deg C) & I doesn't even feel the hot. Spent my time there till 1:30PM, & they asked me to leave, as they are closing the gates of the Hill path. The local people will go for a Hill round (Pournami Girivalam) on every full moon day like in Tiruvannamalai, Thiruparankundram....

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Thirukalunkundram to Mahabalipuram

Left from there at 2 PM& reached Mahab’s A2B around 2:45 PM. After sumptuous lunch (Unlimited ma), get into the lawn for some time. No thinking about leaving that place (irukkatha pinna). Left there around 4 PM to “Five rathas”. Took snaps & around 5PM, left there to reach sea shore temple. Sun is going to set. Yes, I clicked a memorable picture of the trip. Clicked few more snaps & left Mahab’s after 6:30 PM, reached Tambaram around 8:15 PM


11th February 2013

Excellent write up

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