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June 8th 2008
Published: June 8th 2008
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2: My yoga peacock 30 secs
Cabana viewCabana viewCabana view

from my porch...
Vanakam. Sak yama? (Hello, how are you? In tamil - the language of the south)

So i'm going into my 1st week of Auroville - the conceptual town that the Mother has created - with the foundation that everyone works/thinks as a collective whole w/no ownership, & not as separate people from different countries. It's been very, what's the word, interesting. Meeting ppl who have lived in this town from 30 years +. And it's really cool to hear the blood, sweat, & tears that went into building this town - as when it was first being settled, this region of tamil nadu was virtually turning into a desert. There were forests before, but b/c it is so flat & dry, it quickly dried up. And eventually, only the poorest of poor lived in this area - trekking water from the beach. Here's the link - enjoy...

Anyway, I'm staying in a small beach cabana right by the beach & have successfully learned how to ride a scooter - & lemme tell you - it is AWESOME! Long stretches of backroads w/no helmet, traffic lights & no cows to inhibit one! =) woohoo! I know - i learned to
my 1st papaya my 1st papaya my 1st papaya

in the south. & it's organic from a farm in auroville!
ride a scooter in india - what a paradox. I met a charming aurovillian who is going to teach me how to properly ride a motorcycle. (Watch out chinese ppl!!!)

It's been such an culturual acclemation - from north india to the south. I was basking & swimming in spirituality & my simple, yet rich life in rishikesh to absolute chill out vibe & a new language in auroville. I'm just now getting used to doing nothing...but I start helping out in a kitchen tomo - so I'll be picking up some cooking skills - chapatis, dal, yum yum yum. watch out.

Well, I'm off. I'm exhausted. gonna grab dinner & then head back to my cabana & finish shantaram. I've also printed out my chinese school application...actually looking forward to going back to taiwan. All of you are in my thoughts & in my heart. I miss you all....

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Gino & LorenzoGino & Lorenzo
Gino & Lorenzo

shared the papayas w/sky & i.
Me & my bikeMe & my bike
Me & my bike

Bad-A*s! me & the bike next to the rose bush I plowed thru on the 1st day.

9th June 2008

too much fun
Jen, it's a trip following your trip. What fun. You're an amazing person to be able to adapt to and enjoy so many different lifestyles. I'm in awe. Love, Lynn
20th June 2008

i can't believe you're still there. i'm in awe....
31st July 2008

You are CRAZY
I am so proud of you. You ROCK. love b

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