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November 7th 2012
Published: July 21st 2013
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Wednesday 7thNovember

We arrived in Sikkim yesterday.<span> We have to provide passports and visas again here and be stamped into Sikkim even though it is still India. Chinese and Pakistanis are refused entry to Sikkim for political reasons.

The roads were blocked for about an hour and a half today.<span> People milled about along the side of the road and the monkeys jumped all over the cars .<span> At one stage a very brave monkey reached into a car and grabbed a packet of chips from the hands of a child, and took off to enjoy his spoils. Very funny indeed!

I couldn’t even write this yesterday I was sooo disgusted in our hotel.<span> On the surface it was ok and then I saw the bathroom! Just a big room with a shower nozzle coming out of the wall (no shower curtain) a toilet and hand basin on the other walls and a bath jammed in to the corner. Looks as though it hasn’t been cleaned in ten years although I’m sure it has. Oh and joy of joys, theres no curtain on the window so the people in the other window can see you!!

On closer inspection of the bed I swear the sheets weren’t clean and there was hair in mine!!<span> For this reason I have renamed the New Castle Hotel<span> ‘Pubesville”!<span> They may not be pubes but I don’t care!

I froze my arse off all night even with half my clothes on because the room was so cold.<span> Shane was ok because he anaesthetised<span> himself on the local super strength beer, Hit. The beds are like concrete as usual and I expect that this will continue until we get home.<span> So I barely slept a wink and was a little disillusioned this morning, especially after a luke warm shower.

We took off to the monastery after breakfast this morning.<span> It’s a boost to the heart rate as we climb the roads that wind up to it.<span> Our passports have been checked here.<span> Apparently it’s a political hotbed this place, and with the Chinese border only 50km away, there is a very noticeable army and police presence here.

After visiting the Chorten,<span> Enchay Monastery a craft and flower show, we finally have the rest of the day to ourselves.<span> Theres a lovely pedestrian only shopping area, so Shanes going to get a shave at one of the million barbers here.<span> The little booths are so old and if you were in the market for antique barber chairs, this is the place to come.

He’s twice shaven, and the next thing I see is the face mask going on and being dried off with a hair drier LOL.<span> He’s rinsed off, toweled off and moisturised as well! He’s in there for about half an hour for a 50 rupee shave!<span> Now I start thinking this is a pretty sweet deal until I hear Shane say, “No you said 50.”<span> The little barber boy says “No I ask you if you want facial. Facial 850!”<span> You see where this is going right? LOL

Shane ends up paying him 120.<span> He’s not happy and I don’t blame him.

Its spoil Shane day it seems. Next thing he’s getting a shoe shine!<span> Off for home and I cant believe it but there is a Dominos Pizza here. Got one being delivered at 6!! LOL

PS. He thinks because he had a shave today he’s going to get lucky! Sorry Noddy, I’m not getting my gear off in this room for any reason…eeeewwwww!


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