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Asia » India » Sikkim » East Sikkim April 8th 2012

We spend a day visiting Rumtek Monestary with our friend Heather who we met at the Hidden Forest Retreat. Rumtek Monestary is the seat of the Karma Kaygu sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Formerly the main monestary was in Tibet, but in 1959, following the Chinese invasion and occupation of Tibet the 16th Karmapa (Leader of the Kaygus) had the Monestary built at Rumtek. He recieved help from the royal family of Sikkim to do this. There had been an older monestary, (Old Rumtek) here, before 1959. It has been remodeled & we visited it too. Rumtek is a beautiful place in a beautiful setting. Since the Death of the 16th Karmapa, there has been controversey about who is the reincarnation as 17th Karmapa.... read more

Asia » India » Sikkim » East Sikkim » Gnathan January 9th 2012

Over the years several trade routes, which played a major role for the rise of international trades round the globe that we see now, are closed, un-used. They are never used any more for the exchange of commodities and culture. One such route was known as “Silk Road” which has got tremendous historic reference. For 1500 years, until the opening of the world sea lanes in 16th – 17th centuries this route was used for the trade of various commodities like porcelain, tea, paper, medicinal herbs and spices that wended their way from Asia to Europe, returning with gold, silver, wool, horses, colored glass and wine. This route used to join Europe and China running through the heartland of Asia. My interest this time was to travel along this route which exists in India located in ... read more
Zuluk Valley

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