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May 24th 2005
Published: May 26th 2005
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Snake CharmerSnake CharmerSnake Charmer

The snake charmer and me =)
Hey everyone. I have been moving around quite a bit and have started to fall behind on my blogs. Over the past week I have been in the city of Jaipur, Pushkar, and Jodhpur (and am actually in Jaisalmer right now). The problems with my tooth got really bad in Jaipur, and I ended up going to another dentist. This time I was told that an old root canal that I had was infected and that I'd have to get another root canal, but the problem was that the infection was pretty bad (my face was all swollen) and that I wasn't reacting to the antibiotics the other dentist had given me. He said that if the new antibiotics that he was prescribing didn't work then he'd have to go in a manually remove the puss and that this would be a long process (including the root canal, it could take up to a month). Which was the LAST thing that I wanted to hear. The pain had gotten worse and worse; i don't know if any of you have had any serious tooth problems, but the pain from a bad tooth is some of the worse pain I have ever
Fortune TellerFortune TellerFortune Teller

Fortune Teller is just in your head tearing away at you, this type of pain could driving someone nutz. So I got some serious pain killers, some more medicine and was on my way. Hoping to god that i wouldn't have to say in this same town for a month getting my tooth worked on.

Well after a few more painful, swollen faced days, filled with anguish and worry (that I'd have to stick around for a month) the swelling started to go down as did the pain. So I decided to check out a few more cities before my next dentist appointment.

This lead me to Pushkar, a great little Indian Oasis. Pushkar is a quiet little city (tuk-tuks / rickshas are not allowed in the town), great for a break from the normal hustle and bustle of India. I found a cheap little hotel (Hill View - i highly recommend it) with a great pool. It was nice to be able escape the heat for a bit. Apparently Pushkar is a very holy city and everyone goes there for weddings, so they had weddings almost every night of the week in this town. The wedding where great.
Jodhpur FortJodhpur FortJodhpur Fort

Jodhpur fort towering over the city, reminds me of my days as a knight..or something like that
Each one started with a parade through the town (well at least this is what I saw), where the bride and groom would sit on elaborately decorated horses (and i think in some cases elephants, but I never saw that). The parade would end at a hotel or some other sort of reception hall and the dancing and drums would begin. I never went in but snuck a few glances and the dancing was great. The type of thing that you would image going on around a bonfire in Africa. I mean the men where getting DOWN, feet going everywhere, dirt flying in the air, the drummers getting nasty, it was quite a sight! The women could hold their own too; they would dance around in a circle, raising their arms, lowering there arms, and here I am in the alleyway taking notes, trying to get ready for all the weddings I am going to when i get back. This type of thing would go on all night.

After a few days relaxing in Pushkar I headed to Jodhpur. Jodhpur is famous for the huge fort that over looks the city (and the fact that most of the city
Typical India sceneTypical India sceneTypical India scene

typical india scene
is painted blue). The fort really was impressive (see pics). And the landscape was starting get more and more desert-ish (making up new words as i go) there further west i went. Which is exciting because I am really looking forward to getting into the desert (and the dessert)!

(random notes)

I stayed in each of these cities (Jaipur, Pushkar, Jodhpur) only for a few days. I am in somewhat of a rush to check out a few more places before I have to go back to the dentist. In each city I have spent most of my time shopping (the shopping here is pretty great) and checking out forts. The heat is pretty intense; so hot that you don't even really sweat. It just evaporates right off of you. But it is a dry arid heat, and in the evenings it is really nice. The sunsets here are great too, the type of thing you see on tv. the sun gets really orange and seems to grow in size. I have also noticed that the further and further west i got the more I feel like a celebrate (well that is one way to put it), EVERYONE

wants to stare at you, talk to you, touch you, things like that. Indians have this weird obsession with shaking hands too. Often times I'll be walking through the marked and people will come up just to shake my 20 people. walking down the street on a busy day is kind of like after a sporting event when you walk down the line shaking every ones hand...quite funny. Not to mention that everyone wants you to take their picture and take a picture with you.

My tooth has finally started to feel better and the swelling is going down, so hopefully i will be able to go back to Delhi and get this all taken care of a lot faster then they had originally thought! I am starting to like India but I don't want to be stuck here against my will. Everyone keep there fingers crossed for me. Interesting note: Root canal cost at home $3000 (without insurance), cost here ($60).

Well that is it for now. I am all caught up with my blogs. Tomorrow i head out to the desert with a camel for the old "desert trek". I am pretty excited about that.
guard at the Jodhpur fortguard at the Jodhpur fortguard at the Jodhpur fort

Gaurd at the Jodhpur fort
I think I'm going to get a robe and turban..the full works! I am a little worried about the heat though, it is supposed to be like 115 in the desert

ps. I think i should grow a mustache so that I can start to "blend in"

Additional photos below
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boys in Jaisalmer
wedding wedding

The groom, I think

Me overlooking Pushkar


Man working at a templeMan working at a temple
Man working at a temple

man working at the temple on top of the hill
Kids in JudhpurKids in Judhpur
Kids in Judhpur

Kids in Judhpur
Me Me

me, damn I am getting skinny
Hand printHand print
Hand print

hand print of one of the 27 wives of the Maharaj who threw themselves into this cremation fire.
wedding wedding

maybe the groom?

Jodhpur sunrise. you might not be able to see but everyone sleeps on their roof
Hotel "Guard"Hotel "Guard"
Hotel "Guard"

hotel guard
The Blue CityThe Blue City
The Blue City

The Blue City

26th May 2005

Chris, You know how the Software Engineering departments are around this area. I work with nothing but individuals from India. I have 5 guys in my office now looking at your Blog amazed by your pictures and clear cut descriptions of the country. You are now officially a SUPERSTAR! - E.D.
26th May 2005

Eat more
CHris- EAT SOMETHING! you're fading away..... That town is so beautiful, I hope you took lots of pictures- we can do lots with the colors. This last month seems to be dragging.... xo, Jen
26th May 2005

Hey. I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now. And I enjoy hearing about your adventures. You inspire me (to travel more). I hope all goes well with the tooth stuff. Root canals suck. - Liz
27th May 2005

Sorry to hear about the tooth, 60$ sounds a little sketchy, I doubt novacain comes in the package either so you know what that means... better find a nice happy hour before your appointment. P.S. I agree with Jen, eat some, your starting to look like Jeff... haha - Nathaniel
29th May 2005

hahaha nathaniel...
N- you totally made me laugh out loud hahahahaha.
5th November 2005

$60 for root canal
Even $60 is a high price at a high end Dentist. Else, it costs just $20 - 30 at the most in India. And for heaven's sake, you dont have to doubt about the quality of treatment. They are as good as you would find any where.
9th December 2005

Great Pictures!

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