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November 21st 2013
Published: November 21st 2013
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So after a hectic day in Delhi, we took our train to Agra.

Friday is the closing day for the Taj Mahal, so we started with a day in Fateh Pur Sikri.

I won't say every time that this building was beautiful or this Mosque was fantastic or that this Palace was the greatest, from now on we'll be looking at a string of amazing architecture!

So anyway ,Fateh Pur Sikri was magnificent, but the first clash with people jumping on us to:

guide us around,

sell us something,

whatever - to make money out of us....

In the late afternoon we finally headed to Agra, prepared for the worst.

Well, I have to admit this time, it was quite relaxing in Agra!! Somehow we managed to get lost in a great bazar at night, and the next morning we visited the Taj at dawn without touts and with not too many people.

It was a surprisingly relaxing time in Agra, but steaming hot. And on the train to Jaipur it was even hotter.

Jaipur on the other hand was very annoying. We couldn't easily find a cheap daba to eat, everything was spread around, people were really after our money, even the nice old man who rode us around his bicycle rickshaw, kept asking us for more money more more more. By the way the old man was actually the same age as me ;-)

After Jaipur we went to Pushkar, a bit af a Manali-type-tourist-peace-hippy place, but also a real holy Hindu lake. So the mix between tourists and pilgrims was quite interesting.

Finally we ended up in Mount Abu in the clouds for Nadja's Birthday, more on that later....

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