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January 13th 2019
Published: January 13th 2019
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ok, we are now in Bangkok and flying out this afternoon to Hanoi for a week. I am determined to get a blog posted before we leave, because otherwise it will be at least another week.

India - i have a million thoughts on it, but for now I have posted some of my favorite pics. To the surprise of both of us, we thoroughly enjoyed our time in India. We ended up spending a month and truly could have stayed longer. The Gates foundation's annual report stated the amazing economic strides that have been made in the last 30 yrs. and our small sample of Rwanda, Kenya and now India would completely agree.

Overall, India has improved. Today, there is an overall optimism and energy that you can feel. Roads are being repaired, streets are being swept, and buildings are being painted or restored. And that was true throughout Rajasthan. Modi, the Prime Minister has the support of everyone we spoke to, as he attempts to reduce the corruption and black market, putting people to work and clean the country up. It is amazing what a leader can do for a country, (and yes, that is a political slam at our present country's mess!)

India is also unique, as the entire month we did not see one 'chain' of Western influence. As the economic globalization has transformed most countries in the world to a more homogeneous setting, India has resisted. And today, it is uniquely India, complete with the sacred cows roaming the streets, and so many very small workshops in 8x10 rooms, still doing so many trades as they have for generations. It does feel like a step back in time, but in some ways a refreshing step. That said, we did spend most of our time in the Old parts of the cities. And like everywhere, everyone seems to have a cell phone. We never got use to the tuk tuk drivers pulling out their phone and googling our guesthouses' addresses!

So many more thoughts, but as always, rushed to post...

hope all is well with everyone!

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Near the entrance - taken at the end of the dayNear the entrance - taken at the end of the day
Near the entrance - taken at the end of the day

when most of the people had left
Building next to the Taj, formerly a guesthouseBuilding next to the Taj, formerly a guesthouse
Building next to the Taj, formerly a guesthouse

wouldn't that have been a cool place to stay!

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