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November 27th 2009
Published: November 27th 2009
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We were all quite happy on the 24th that it was time for Deb’s final rabies injection so that we could get the schmuck out of Jodphur and move on to the next place. Piles and piles more stressing and anxiety by the Macdonalds, despite Dr Jeffie’s (and his daughter’s!) previous assurances that all was well. The shot over and done with (though the anxiety still very much intact), we hopped on to our next long-haul bus, on our way to Udaipur. With an 8 hour bus ride ahead, and lessons learned from the last bus journey, we all went into deliberate dehydration mode... no taking chances this time! Getting to Udaipur was great, though a little overshadowed by the onset of Hero’s illness. Poor thing was sick through the night and all the following day, so we had an indoors day while Deb headed out with her friend to explore, and popped in periodically to tell us how wonderful Udaipur is compared to Jodhpur.

So now that it’s the next day, and Hero has made a full recovery, we are heading off to do some exploring of our own!


27th November 2009

blogging like a cracker!
nothing for years and now you are on blogging amphetamines! M

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