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January 24th 2018
Published: April 18th 2018
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17th November

Apparently in Delhi at the moment, farmers are basically burning all their crops, its so bad with pollution, its the equivalent of smoking 44 cigarettes a day.. WOW.. That is madness!! Glad we're not there right now!!

Checked out, Nathan and Gregor have decided they're coming to Udaipur with us too, so they got the lady at reception to book them onto the same bus. We had ages till the bus, so went out to get a tuk tuk to the mall.. One last time.. hahaha!!

I haven't wrote before but on the way to the shopping mall, as passing her again, a women who parades a grown man around the roads, begging at the busy traffic, this man is completely disabled to the point he can't walk properly, he walks on all fours, with her holding him on a leash, like he's some sort of animal. I still can't get over this sight, it's absolutely shocking and heartbreaking!!

At the mall, bought another white t shirt and got take out domino's, headed back to chill at the hostel.

Took a tuk to Siam circle, the stop is supposed to be outside
The lakesThe lakesThe lakes

Lush :)
a bank, well it was so busy and there were a few banks about, but after the help of a couple good English speaking guys, ringing the driver, we found the right spot. Nathan and Gregor turned up, got some fruit and snacks, then the bus arrived.

It was a little bit different to the bus we took to Hampi, it had sliding doors on the pods, a really nice family opposite, who were sharing food with us, really nice buttery homemade biscuits and passing their baby around for us to hold.. hahaha!! What is it with giving us their kids.. haha!! A couple groups of guys above and next to us, all out chatting, Gregor was trying to teach me how to play chess, it really wasn't going into my head tho.. hahaha. We gave up and went to sleep.

18th November

Wow.. 19 hours on this very delayed bus.. We finally reached the state, Rajasthan and Udaipur - The City Of Lakes!!
Checked into our Hostel Bangara, a four bed dorm. Couldn't wait to get into the shower after such a long journey.. Well.... That shower ended pretty quickly, when some man was peering through a bit of broken window at me showering, i looked up, that's when i caught his eye, i freaked out and ran out of the bathroom (in my towel obvs) and he disappeared.. WTF!! How creepy!! Luke went in to fix the window.. haha!!

After all of that, we headed out to check out the location. It's such a cool, quirky place, with soo much character. Loads of tiny, windy streets and Lake Pichola is jus down from us. We have chose such a good location. This is what i pictured India to be like.
Ate at the Yummy Yoga, on low tables and cushions, had the most amazing pumpkin curry and dhal, then went into the little chai shop opposite, its basically a small, dark stone room, proper old school, the man who owns the place is amazing, we sat on little barrels and a small wood table watching him hammering the ingredients for chai, then putting it into a machine, spinning round a lever and steam coming out. Apparently he has the best chai in Udiapur, everyone was pulling up on their scooters outside to take chai away. Our chai arrived and i only spilt it didn't i.. hahaha!! So he made me another one, he sat with us having a chat, talking about his wife, she comes in each morning to make the samosa's, so we're going to pop back in morning for one 😊
I love all the walls and doors here, really lovely colours and have so much character to them.. I think Luke's getting a bit pissed off with me asking for a photo next to every colourful door and wall now.. hahahaha!!
Its a pretty crazy place, really busy with people, dodging scooters whizzing around, walking through streets which were filled with women sat down, then realising it was a funeral. One thing I've noticed here, everyone looks different to the south, the women wear a lot more jewellery, the cows and dogs are so much bigger than the south too, proper beasts they are!!
We went to the Palace, but really wasn't appreciating it, we started to lag from such a long journey getting here, then getting straight out to explore. Really lush views of the city and lakes, you can see from above why its called the White City and the City Of Lakes. It really is beautiful!!
On the sleeper busOn the sleeper busOn the sleeper bus

Mumbai - Udaipur

Headed back to the hostel to chill on the roof, with some beers, we have such a lush view from here, sort of reminds me of Venice a little bit 😊 OMG.. We also have the curtest dog called Raul, he's so fluffy!! Nathan wasn't to impressed when i took him into our room and stuck him on his bunk and woke him up tho.. hahaha.

19th November


😞 😞

We didn't get to the chai man in time for the samosa, everyone had gone, they're like hotcakes.. haha!! Maybe tomorrow now 😊 Sat and had chai tho, it's so delicious, has a really strong taste of ginger in it 😊
Walked around all morning, its so lush here down by the lakes. Then took a taxi over to the other side. We actually went inside a mosque, wasn't sure if we were allowed in, but they let us which was so beautiful!!

Then headed towards monkey temple, gosh it was a struggle for me to get up, i'm soooo unfit!! But mad it to the top. Super lush views as always, quite a lot of people up there, we got starred at and asked for selfies a lot. When you visit places like this, there's always groups of lads, that want to follow you around, on the way down, we had a group behind us, when we stopped, they stopped and running past then stopping and looking at us.

Nathan joked and said it was coz of me, so we said right two of us go this way and the other two go that way, see who they follow.. And yeh they were following me. But not in a threatening way, more intrigued, i said its like us seeing a weird animal and following it around, trying to get pictures of it.. hahahaha!!
Walked through what was a triathlon going on, then a sort of music festival being set up, so many people about. We sat along the lake, outside to have food, yummy bbq paneer on skewers and chilli paneer.

Two girls pulled up in a nice white car, got out and sat next to us on our table, Roshia and Madu, really nice girls, we were chatting and Roshia was filming on her phone, she was on Instagram live and put us on there.. hahaha, so random but funny!!
Came across some kids begging, clothes that didn't fit them, hair all matted, snotty nose, such a shame. We bought them ice cream, their little faces lite up and they ran around the corner to eat them, jus don't want to give them money coz they'd run straight back to give to their parents, who obviously don't take care of them.

So there's the classic sight of rich and poor here, the two girls swanning around in their car, music blaring, sunglasses on, taking selfies, whilst there's tiny kids, who shouldn't even be walking the streets at their age, begging 😞

We bumped into the girls again and they asked us if we wanted to go for a drive in their car, we obvs said yes.. But all four of us had to squash in the back.. haha!! Passing cars, scooters, camels, even an elephant in the road, Punjab music on, it was a really random, funny experience, we couldn't help but laugh.

Roshia stopped along the side of the road and bought us guava, which had salt and chilli sprinkled on them, they look like green apples, quite hard and had a really dry after taste, nice tho 😊 Sweet of her 😊
She asked us what we wanted to do, so we said maybe watch a sunset somewhere, stopped to get a couple beers from the shop, then headed towards somewhere for sunset.

We drove through this motorway tunnel and everyone was screaming out of their cars windows, we were like WTF is going on here.. So they said, its a new tunnel and everyone gets excited, so screams, then she pulled over at the side of the tunnel and made us get out for a selfie.. Literally WTF!!!!

Cars driving past us and we're stood there having a selfie.. Selfie is life in India btw.. hahahahaha!! Imagine doing that in the UK.. Well it wouldn't even go through your mind!!
We drove onto a windy mountain road, didn't find a place for sunset, but stopped at the top coz she said this was a good drinking place apparently.. hahaha!!
We drank the beers, Roshia was lobbing stuff off the cliff, she's really funny. We were up there for about half hour, then decided to head back, then bumped into her Uncle on his bike, with a couple of women up there.. weird!!
Roshia couldn't drive us the whole way back, because Madu's uni accommodation shuts at a certain time, she'd be locked out, so we had to take a tuk tuk the rest of the way, fuck knows where we were, but got back fine.

Such a random funny day!! Beers on the roof then an early night 😊

20th November

Went to Yummy Yoga for breakfast coz Luke assumed we were getting a farewell meal, when he spoke to the guy the other day, so said we had to go back.

So us four awkwardly sat in there, waiting for this meal, an hour later, matey brings us out an ice cream, with chocolate writing on it, it was very sweet of him, but we had to wait an hour for it.

We were leaving later, so i didn't want to waste my morning, i didn't take my camera with me yesterday, so said to the beys i'll see them back at the hostel and went for a walk around the lakes to take some pictures.
Such a lovely sight down there in the mornings. There were monks chanting, people bathing, a man sat on a chair in the street having his beard shaved, little squirrels running about 😊
I stopped off in a jewellery shop, it was filled to the ceiling with long dangly earring, i asked the guy if he sold the ones which went up over the ear, so he sat me on a stool, getting out all different ones, trying to push really thick earring through my ear hole.

It was bloody hurting, obviously wouldn't go through, then he got a lady out, i was like.. ok, they're toooo thick, i need thinner ones, he didn't really understand, but we got there, then i had a nose ring and chain going to my ear, then a choker, then a tikka headpiece on.. he was dressing me right up.

I was so pushed for time, but he said.. wait one more thing, got out a jewelled head scarf, put that over me and said.. You now look like Rajathan Lady.. I looked like a bloody gypsy, i liked it tho, so i bought loads of stuff from him and quickly headed back.

Not knowing what the time was coz i don't have a watch or a bloody phone, i made it jus in time.

Luke was like.. Corr you've been gone ages.. haha.
We got our backpacks, saw Raul the dog on our way out, his girlfriend had come to visit.. hahahahaha, she was the same breed, but black.. Aww, so cute!!

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24th April 2018

Delays in India
Public transportation is slow going in India. Looks like you've found some cute dogs. Happy travels.

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