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February 8th 2008
Published: February 9th 2008
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Pushkar MountainPushkar MountainPushkar Mountain

Dale struts his stuff!
After a good nights sleep and Ollie having a little sleepwalk to try and escape the hotel but being thwarted by Mark, we Had breakfast at the hotel and indulged in the local 'no egg' omelette we spent a few hours on the roof terrace playing cards and then headed out to climb a nearby mountain. Nearby was actually far away and a good hour and a half brought us to a temple at the peak of the mountain. The view from here was astounding as you may see by the pictures when we can get them up. The knee high steps took their toll however so we stayed up at the top to play with the local monkeys, who were decidedly not in the mood! Coming back into town after the hike back from the temple we shopped some more and then found a restaurant for a late lunch. Street food was the order of the day (24 hours and still feel great) and a huge falafel sandwich filled us up nicely. Back at the hotel to freshen up we had our first hot shower in 8 days which was welcome.

Dinner was served at a restaurant called moonDance which provided excellent food and an after dinner game of pool. How civilised! Back at the hotel we played some more cards and turned in for the night. Ollie will have to come home early if Mark and Dale keep playing cards against him!!

So far Pushkar is the best place we have stayed with a relaxed atmosphere, very little hassling from touts and a great hotel. However, Pushkar is a holy city and there is no alcohol, no meat and a late night curfew! We are loving it though and the vegetarian food is actually great! If it wasn't for the tight and frantic schedule we could easily stay for much longer and judging by others we have seen this is a popular option to take! Pictures to follow soon hopefully!


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