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January 24th 2018
Published: April 18th 2018
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Aloo BabaAloo BabaAloo Baba

Potato Mannnn

22nd November

One last omlette for brekkie.. Omg they're soo good here!!

Checked out. Me, Luke, Nathan, Gregor and Marine walked to the bus stop, was a bit further than we thought and was pushing on time.. I wanted fruit, but didn't even have time to stop.. Rush Rush!!

We made it with minutes to spare, the bus was packed, but we manged to get a seat all together at the back, with a view of turbans and head scarfs in front. The bus was soooooo bumpy and winding us all the time.. haha.

One lady in front of me doing the worst henna on her hands and fingers, the bus was so bumping, it was going all over her nails and she asked if she could do mine.. Nahhhh!! haha!!

We passed through such rural places. Five hours later we reached Pushkar.

Pushkar.. Home to the camel fair. A yearly festival in November, which is visited by about 400,000 people.. 30,000 camels.. GOSH!!!! The camels are shaved, dressed up, paraded around, even entered into beauty contests.. hahahahaha!! Imagine seeing thousands of big munchy mouths about.. hahaha.

Loads of other stuff going
On the bus..On the bus..On the bus..

Turbans and Headscarfs
on.. dancers, snake charmers.. OMGGGGGG!! It sounds amazing, but we've literally jus missed it!!!! Gutted!!!!

All shared a tuk tuk, which was massive to our hostel, Pineapple Express.

Walked through a lush big garden area, with loads of trees, a sand pathway, badminton area, fire pit, then onto the reception/bar. It was quite busy with people, everyone seemed to work here.

Checked into our 8 bed dorm, me and Luke had these beds, like our own little pods, above the rest. Nice room, they look out over the garden, with beds outside to chill on too, nice artwork on the walls, nice vibe to the place. Everyone here seems to be dressed for proper winter, in big coats and ugg boots.. Like, it is a bit colder mind but come on!! I rocked up in a skirt and birks.. hahaha!!

We paid for pizza and movie night, which everyone seemed to be doing at 8pm, but became hungry it was only 4pm, so headed out to the main street to see if we could find a food place.

We're sort of about 10 minutes walk from the main busy street, we came to a little side street restaurant, sat on some small plastic chairs and table, ordered some food, two older men stood chopping and cooking on a small stove, whilst passing a doob to each other.. Right legends they were.. Hahaha!! Its cheapest food yet and soo delicious, in love with the mushroom and pea curry 😊 Like a curry or dhal for 50 rups.. Madness!!

Gregor had a couple bottles of vodka in his bag back at the hostel, so had some drinks and played carrom, which is basically like tabletop pool, which you flick with your fingers instead of a pool que, then ping pong all night.

Skipped the film. Gona save my pizza for tomorrow, coz was still full from our feast earlier.

23rd November

Rented scooters, quite a few of us from the hostel, Luke wanted to get an Enfield.. Its a proper bike, so everyone would be left behind on their scoots, so got a normal scooter. Gregor had a chicken chaser, he looked like such a twat on it, testing it out on the road, it was really funny!!

Headed towards the mountains to find Aloo Baba, not really knowing what to expect, as never heard anything about him before, one guy at the hostel said lets go see him, so thought why not!

Drove into the mountains, parked up at the ashram, then a man came out, it was him, sat us down on some rugs and chatted to us. Aloo means potato in Hindi and Baba has a few meanings, such as.. Guru, Teacher, Father, Grandfather.

He's about 70, long grey beard, very well known here for basically eaten only potatoes for the past 40 years.. Waaaaaat!! Why?? To take back ownership of his life, they're healthy and easily sourced.. Hmmmm :/ Boiled potatoes tho, they're so bland and when you have the most lushest healthy food here in India, jus madness!!

Had a look around the whole place, climbing up over the white ashram, really nice place with some cool artwork around.

We decided to drive more into the dusty mountains, no plan, jus drive, Luke doing wheel spins coz of the dust (on purpose.. haha) and trying to wheely it.. He's like a big kid on these scooters.. haha.

Came to the top of a mountain, parked up and
Rural drive to PushkarRural drive to PushkarRural drive to Pushkar

Little salon/barbers.. Love them :)
sat with all the locals, who were drinking chai and eating food. I sat there with a few stray dogs, watching a man fix his turban, his mate in broken English asking me to take a picture of him, then there was a small wedding going on, the groom had money attached to his suit, random, the brides friends asking me to take picture, but the bride was shy and trying to hide, bless, it was so surreal. Everyone asks you to take pictures on your camera here in Rajasthan, but like they will never see them.. 😊

We headed back passing camels, wild boars, which were adorable 😊 Dropped the scooters back and back to the two guys restaurant for food. Omg, sat having food and all these stray dogs started backing and running toward the other side of the road, there was a giant pig.. honestly it was huge, must of been pregnant with about 20 piglets, no lie!! I think it must of been trying to cross the road, the road was so busy and dangerous, i guess the dogs were trying to warn it back, i dunno?? Dodgy tho.

Back at the hostel, everyone here are basically proper stoners, they don't seem to leave the place and jus sit around the fire pit, smoking and not talking.. haha!!

Sunny has arrived, he said he had left his jeans and a jacket in Jaisalmer, but its getting dropped here in Pushkar either tomorrow or the next day. So suggested staying here and skipping Jaiphur, then heading straight to the mountains.. That's cool.. we don't have a plan, so literally up for anything 😊

Me and Luke walked into the town, getting caught up in two wedding parades.. hahaha.. all these bloody wedding, honestly they're insane!!!! The whole town traffic gets stopped for it, causing chaos!!

I bought a camel leather bag for 300rups, madness, its so nice as well, apparently its made from recycled camel.. hmm?? Some lush silver earring for 900. We sat eating the most delicious falafal wrap from a street stall, whilst watching all these monkeys running across the roof, which was craaaayzaaaay!! They were knocking things down from the roofs onto the people and road below.

Walking back, we heard so many puppies barking down this dark lane, so looked to see what was going on, thought they might be hurt.. Well.. there were about 6 of them, all barking at this bigger dog, the dog was so scared of them, it was frantically trying to hide behind anything it could.. It was actually quite funny, coz these pups were really tiny, giving it the big one.. hahaha.

A local man walked with us, chatting about the place, we asked him why we're seeing cows eating cardboard and paper, like everywhere, he said it's because of the shortage of food.. Omg that's soo sad 😞 I guess that's why we see stacks of chapati's outside peoples house, for them to walk past and have a munch on 😊

24th November

We had breakfast in Laura cafe, it had really lush views of the lakes then walked to monkey temple.

The cable car was only 100rups, so me and Luke decided to take that up, whilst the other walked. I really didn't like it.. haha, it was so high and creeking loads!! Arrived at the top to the most incredible views and soo many monkeys. I'm so afraid of them, you cant make eye contact with them else they will hiss at you, or dart at you, steal your stuff.. they're a bloody pain in the arse to be honest!!

Walking back, a dog started following us, he had a limp. We see so many stray dogs, but i jus felt so sorry for this one, It brought tears to eyes.. OMG i felt so sad about this dog, we stopped to smooth him and buy him some food, but he didn't want the plate of food, then four very poor children, age between 3 - 6, ran over to us and wanted the plate of food.. So i sat there and fed the kids the food, putting it on the spoon, making airplane noises and putting it in their mouths, the were laughing.. Doubt they had never been fed with a spoon before. Well this brought tears to my eyes too, probably the most saddest situation I've had since being away 😞 😞 😞 😞

We stopped off for another falafel wrap.. love these!! And loads of men started walking down the street, covered in pink and orange colour.. Carrying a man sat upright on a throne/chair. It was a funeral of a man who was head of an ashram.. Literally the craziest thing I've ever seen, never in my life have i seen a dead person before.

Nathan and Gregor left tonight, they're going to Jaiphur.

Me Luke and Marine met up with Sunny and all of his dorm, Geraldine, Max, William, went for some drinks in Laura's cafe again then onto another roof top place.. such a nice vibe.

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Artwork at Aloo BabaArtwork at Aloo Baba
Artwork at Aloo Baba

'Free your mind'
Aloo BabaAloo Baba
Aloo Baba

Potato Mannnn
In the mountains..In the mountains..
In the mountains..

Little Cutie :)
In the mountains..In the mountains..
In the mountains..

Matey fixing his turban

24th April 2018
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30th July 2018
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