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April 17th 2010
Published: April 20th 2010
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Jasraji is back from the Kumbh. He is an Australian Mate of ours and he's a Mahamandaleshwar now. Before that he was a Swami and before that he was just a normal person. I like going to visit Jasraji in his room or in the office. Sometimes he gives me fruit and sweets and we always have Satsung.

Yashodaji has left now. We will miss her.... We had fun at Yashodaji's party. Aiden and I dressed up in our capes and I handed out the biscuits and drinks. We had 'shrikhand' too. It's made from hanging yoghurt in a cloth all day and then put in the fridge. It tastes a bit like icecream and we had some fruit inside.

I'm working on my Environmental Challenge Badge for Joey Scouts. I made a castle out of recycled things. I used an old box and after I painted it, then I got some other recycled things to stick onto it!

When my Mum was walking the dogs today, I brang a cloth bag so I could pick up all the rubbish along the way. The bag wasn't big enough so I am going to go back and get some more tomorrow.

When I was washing my Indian plate (it's called a 'tali' here), I used ashes to get the grease off. Then I rinsed it with water that had some lemon juice inside. Then Pushpaji (our Ashram Mate who is half Gardener, half Doctor) got a hose out of the bucket for rinsing the dishes and sprayed me! It was very fun. It cooled me down on a hot day and it was watering the grass too!!

We watched Jurasic Park and guess what? In the mail we got some wooden dinosaur models (and heaps of badges!) from our Scout Leader Killara (THANK YOU KILLARA)! I had some sores on my body. I think they look like dinosaur bites!

I've been walking the Ashram dogs with Pyariji. And Haripuriji took me to the garden and we looked at the rose that he grafted. He took one of the bigger roses from our other garden and stuck it onto the rose plant that used to grow smaller roses. He did it when it was new moon in the winter. Now it's stuck on and growing like the same plant! I think I want a Swiss army knife for my birthday!

I'm doing some reading and writing and some Go Maths in the 2B Student Journal. The Big Wind started today. I wonder when the dust storms will start?! Mango season started too! YUMMY!!

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