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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Madhogarh January 26th 2015

HE SAID... We woke early and prepared our packs for a long travel day, as we were leaving Agra and travelling west to Madhogarh, a small rural village in Tehsil Bassi. We had a four and a half hour road trip in a public bus and a 45 minute trip in a jeep to our hotel. We headed to the hotel restaurant (Hotel Taj Resorts) at 6am and opted for the buffet breakfast. We wouldn’t be stopping for lunch until at least 2pm, so I prepared myself for the day with juice, coffee, mango shake, porridge, masala omelette (spicy omelette with red onions and green chillies) and jeera aloo(potatoes seasoned with cumin seeds). It was pretty good (and there was nothing else available in walking distance from the hotel at that time of day anyway). After ... read more
fort madhogarh
fort madhogarh
fort madhogarh lunch

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Madhogarh December 19th 2011

19th December ’11 Agra to Bassi by public bus then open back jeeps to Madhogarh Up at 7ish to get breakfast as there is no food available until 2pm today. We all piled into the public bus (much fretting about bag safety by certain older group members) and off we rattled it was a 4 hour journey but we did have 1 pee and tea stop so not too bad – I even managed to find a kit kat and some cadbury’s chocolate (both made in India). When we got to the jeeps Howard and I sat in the open back section, it was great! Bombing along through rural villages with all of life out on display, camels, pigs and cows all wandering around, men playing cards and women working! We came up to a train ... read more
Fort Madhogarh
Fort Madhogarh
Fort Madhogarh

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Madhogarh January 7th 2011

Well, we were certainly in for a special experience when we arrived at Fort Madhogarh, our accomodation for the night. Fort Madhogarh has been in the Royal Family of Rajasthan for over 500 years and like many beautiful palaces & forts in Inida, was slowly falling apart year by year. A younger member of the family came up with a plan to restore the Fort to it's former glory by turining it into a Heritage Stay. Intrepid have been bringing their groups here for the past few years and the positive flow on effect can be seen throughout the village. From the local electrician to vegetable seller to milk man - the villagers all benefit from the Fort in some form or another. Our host took us on a guided tour of the village, stopping to ... read more
Dressed in local Rajasthani dress
Madhogarh Fort upon arrival
Village children "one photo please"

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Madhogarh October 11th 2008

Another early start as we made our way by local coach to the middle of rural Rajasthan where we stayed in a former fort now converted into a beautiful heritage hotel. Sitting back window wide open allowing the breeze to cool me down as the morning heat shines in. I drown out the noise of the locals and continuous beeping from the roads by plugging in my music and loosing myself as I gazed into the fields of rural India. Amongst them were beautiful women dressed in gorgeous colourful saris tending to the crops whilst men worked on construction sites or in the roadside stalls. Children ran free and happy as they played on the street or bathed by the lakes. I did however snap back into reality on several occasions when our crazy coach driver ... read more
Roadside Stalls
Madhogarth Fort
Madhogarth Fort

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Madhogarh October 7th 2008

Can't think we are a week into October already. Didn't manage to sleep well last night. Throat was sore and kept waking up really sweaty but feeling cold. The bus was much better today - actually just walked on and sat down. Plus the seats were much more comfortable. Managed to just chill out with my ipod and actually enjoyed the rest. The jeep journey up to the former fort we are staying in was bumpy but enjoyable and the heritage hotel is wonderful. Every room is different and ours is in a tower/turret with Peter and Susan nex door in a beautiful room with a gorgeous bathroom. After a royal Rajput welcome, we had a nice lunch when we arrived then chilled out on top of one of the towers, enjoying the view. Then went ... read more
Driving by
Spinning bobbins of thread

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Madhogarh October 6th 2007

This whole travel blog thing is alot harder to keep up than I thought. Ive been travelling around alot over the last 2weeks and I have to think about all the stuff I did???So I'll try and remember. The bus from Udaipur was a bit crazy had a man shouting at us where to go, even though there was no bus in sight, eventually it turned up. We'd booked ourseles n a tourist bus (theyre usually supposed to be very nice and comfy). Our one wasnt. The seats were all broken and the curtains stank, it was a bit like a local bus but more expensive. The bus took about 7 hours to get to Mount Abu. The driver stopped after 20minutes of driving so everyone could have a break!!and stopped again about 40minutes before we ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Madhogarh May 5th 2007

Just to let you all know i have recieved my online acceptence for my 23 month working holiday visa for things are good to go now... xxx... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Madhogarh March 31st 2005

Castle in Dausa Secret passage in our room Elegant sari's Today we travelled to Madhogarh where we stayed in a castle. Sounds so fairytale like. After settling into our rooms and then having a bit of free time to rest up we ventured out on a village walking tour where we saw the local cobbler, rugmaker, stones being polished for sari's, sari's being decorated with beads and sequins, bangles and kid's playing a cricket game (and then the guys from our group joining in and then subsequently having the ball go missing in the field...ball thrown too hard!) It was a pleasant walk through the village. They asked that we did not bring our cameras with us because all of the kids in the past were asking for their pictures to be taken and it was ... read more
View from the rooftop of the castle
Dress up time!

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