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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur September 8th 2005

I am sitting at an internet cafe...the fan is keeping me a little cool but the swet i still streaming down my bak. it is very hot least 40. this i our last day here before heading on a train to varanassi. we will visit the ganges over the next few days and am mentally preparing myself. this town is great. we went to visit a school this morning and a paper making place where some NGO founding to provide work for woman. the people in this town are very friendly and even more friendly as business does not pick up for another few weeks. last night we had a cooking class in this lady's home and saw how chiptti and masala chai is made...we ate on the rooftop and this big ass grasshopper went ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur September 6th 2005

Our flight into Delhi arrived early morning and our first 'surprise' - the cattle lounging in the bazaar near Pahar Ganj. Even though I knew I would see them it still seemed strange. The first month of our trip to India we spent travelling across Northern India. We had a couple of easy days acclimatising in Delhi, checking out the Fort, Qutab Minar and Connaught Place. We then took a short train journey to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. While we were there Warren was hit my 'Delhi belly' and was confined to barracks. This was tough as the electricity would regularly go off and Agra without a fan is not a pleasant proposition. Next it was Varanassi which was very wet with the Ganges too high to enjoy a boat-trip. We stayed in a ... read more
Taj Mahal,  Agra 4
Taj Mahal,  Agra 6
Gompa, Sikkim

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur August 30th 2005

So if you're planning on going to India here is my checklist of what i'm going to need before I leave. 1. 2 Passport photos (for visa) 2. Tourist Visa 3. Travel Insurance 4. Vaccinations 5. India rail pass 6. digital camera gizmos 7. At least one set of india appropriate travelling clothes (the last thing I want to do is stick out like a sour thumb at the airport) 8. combination lock (for room doors, apparently the ones we have are better then the ones you can buy there) 9. Backpackers backpack with locks and cable to connect it to your seat in over night train rides 10. "Culture Shock India" an amazing book that gives you enough background on India that you wouldn't feel like an fool (hopefully) 11. light cotton socks 12. Yoga ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur August 26th 2005

t-143 days to mysore I don't remember the last time I have been this excited. I bought my plane ticket two days ago and have been doing endless research on India. I leave on January 16th 2006 and arrive in Delhi on the 17th. I met a man who owns clothing store on the block where I work and he's asked his family in Delhi to meet me at the airport. Needless to say in a place as big as Delhi it is nice to know that someone will be expecting me. I'm going to Mysore as a gift from my father in order to celebrate my improvement in health. I'll be studying to become a yoga teacher and yoga therapy with Shri Jayakumar for between four and six months, depending on how I like it. ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur August 19th 2005

Yay! I made it out of the country! I am in Amsterdam on a 2-hour layover after a sleepless flight, on my way to New Delhi. The airport here is AMAZING, save the not-so-friendly-looking guy who greets you with a machine gun as you exit the airplane. Other than that, this airport is spotless, has high-speed internet, lots of food, shopping....I may just vacation here;-) For those of you who like drama, something crazy happened to my left ear on my flight to Minneapolis, and now I can barely hear out of it. It made me realize that I would rather lose my sight, my limbs, *anything* before I would want to lose my hearing. I'm sure it'll be better after I've had a chance to rest. Anyway, lots of love to all of you! Cheers, ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur August 13th 2005

saturday aug 13 I FINALLY GOT TO RIDE A CAMEL!!!! short ride. basically just around the block. i was laughing the whoooole time! arielle was behind me on and was perhaps not as happy as i was, as she remembers riding camels through israel when she was 15 and how much they hurt after a while. BUT IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! so cheers to crossing off another life goal on my "50+ things to do before i die" list... ride camel (clyde, i decided, would be the best name for him) also, off the top of my head... i know that visiting the taj mahal was also on the list, as well as staying in world capitals, so simply grabbing a hotel in delhi automatically crosses off another. oh, and swimming in oceans and seas... ... read more
ah, inventive indians

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur July 14th 2005

what a depressing day. trying to search for job/apartment ideas. in vain. HOWEVER, we still have HOPE! because we're FABULOUS and we fucking deserve a lovely apartment and our DREAM JOBS.... whatever they may be. we will go. we will see. and we will conquer. just like we've been doing for the first couple decades of our lives. Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 00:57:07 -0700 (PDT) From: "molly Subject: class notes and whatnot from l'india To: CC: "Arielle Molly Baade & Arielle Abeyta took off four days after commencement to go gallivanting through the subcontinent of India for the summer. The first half of the trip was a religious pilgrimage of sorts and the second half will be spent on the beach with beer. They will return to Philly in August where they will find ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur July 1st 2005

july 1 assholes! the 500 RS that i put down for 3 books that i borrowed a couple of weeks ago has been taken by the guy who rented them to me, as he went home, and now they're not sure if they can give me my 500 RS back. grrr. i'll come tomorrow morning before we catch our train out of here. we're supposed to leave tomorrow morning. we'll see how that goes. apparently we can just get our tickets right before we leave. ... right. we're not so sure that we won't end up right back at the ganpati by like 11:00 AM. trains to gaya only run on thursday and saturday. so if we miss it... we're stuck in varanasi for another week. unless we find a bus. another tin can on wheels ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur June 30th 2005

june 30 random thoughts by mbaade... the photos are taking forever to upload. this is turning out to be quite the process. once they're done (might be a few times over a few days) the website will be posted. my mouth hurts. so does my back. perhaps it's time to splurge on another professional massage. i might even try the fruit one. just because. why not? we're having issues today. both melancholy. i crave salt. she craves sugar. i'm getting bored with anna kerenina. good book. but now i just want anna to hurry up and kill herself so i can see how she dies. maybe all of this death and mortality in good ol' varanasi is taking its toll on me. our hotel manager guy thinks we're crazy. so does dil. i'm sure they all ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur June 14th 2005

what the hell? michael jackson was acquitted? gah. once again goes to show that money can buy anything. so weak. had some bread yesterday. more today. enough to take some painkillers and a multivitamin. slept for 14 hours last night. so glad this happened up here in the mountains where the heat is non existant. going to email our travel book "let's go" and let them know what we think about the goddamn om hotel. grrr. sorry haven't been emailing people. will get back on that sometime... ***** definitely starting to feel better. went out for kebabs and naan this afternoon, and then went to see a movie, 'be cool'. 30 RS ... so less than a dollar. the boy who works at this internet cafe never charges us full price. he's sweet. i'm going to ... read more

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