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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur October 17th 2005

Took the Peak Tram for the view of the habor...saw members of the Myss tour. It was indeed all women and all with big square name tags around their necks. It looked like they were having a harder time finding their way than I was, as if they wanted to belong to something but couldn't find the group. (I'm not looking for something to belong to, but something to contribute to) I have this big crushable slough hat and I put it over my eyes and went forward and avoided. Then I was surrounded by an elementary school tour, two or three of them and took pictures. The tram was packed with these little hong kong kids with better cameras than mine. Later, the tour decended on the peak so I left, in my hat, and ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur October 16th 2005

We have now arrived in Hong Kong. I took a bathroom break and stepped out for a smoke. When I came back, the whole tour was gone. I have no idea of the hotel where we are staying here for the day. Curious the name of the hotel is nowhere to be found in the tour literature. Abandoned by the tour. But...have not been abandoned by Life! A wonderful Xpat here in Hong Kong, Judith, has given me a great itinerary for the day. I will be going up the Peak to see the place and maybe to Stanely and the Maritime Museum (kind of goes with the theme of the Navy Ball) I was wondering about Aberdeen, which I visited with my parents in 1978, but it's no longer the wooden sampans and fishermen and ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur October 16th 2005

Who was I to know? I was talking with the guy arranging this tour--he is the great Carolyn Myss's right hand man--and he yelled at me on the phone for quite awhile about this and that and the other...and I said, "Do you have anger issues?" And he said, Damn straight "I" have anger issues. "Oh." I had made the mistake of suggesting that he stay close to his cell phone while managing over a hundred people for this tour for the fact was, he hadn't. So there. Finally, he fessed there are 90 percent women on this tour and that he's just a businessman. I guess he could uload on "James" because "James" is a guy. Testosterone spew? ... read more
"Mr Anger Issues"

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur October 12th 2005

Thanks for your interest. Again, it's totally optional. Flew into LA yesterday morning from Ft Lauderdale. It is really cool to be back in LA...I've seen so many people from over the years all without trying too...birds fly in flocks..whatever the birds look like, or the flocks. LA has a kind of comfort for me. There are some parts of it, some restaurants, however, that nauseate me I am so sick of them...well, let's say, "James" is :) (More references to myself as "James" later, as we go along) Wow, a woman from Serbia who lives in LA called me four months ago in Florida for a cranio appointment, but decided she'd wait until my return to LA, and then she called last night. Thing is, I had lost her number weeks before. Ifirst worked on ... read more
After a Long Day

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur October 10th 2005

ASHA. We had the privilege of visiting a slum project called Asha. The project started by offering free health care in a slum, and is now operating in over 40 slums in the Delhi Region. One lady we met had an alcoholic husband and was illiterate, she is now a confident woman, who helps to administer medication to the sick and also is a midwife. These women also tackled the authorities and now have a toilet block!! You don’t see many women out and about in India, except in the country when they are doing hard labour like cracking rocks with hand tools. To see these women empowered was fantastic. They then showed us around their houses, and we met more of the locals. THE TREK. Our Himalayan trekking adventure started with a Sleeper train ride. ... read more
Sleeper train, 2nd class air conditioned 3 tier
House in Raniket
Getting in the way of a festival celebration on the way to Joshimath

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur October 9th 2005

Departing from the Cottage tonight to go to Boca Raton, and from there to LA for a week, then the India with Carolyn Myss. You can check out Dr Myss's work at You can check out my work at Last night, went to the Navy Ball in Palm Beach to honor the boys fighting in Iraq. My sister remarked that usually the Navy Ball is filled with young men, but last night there were only a few. The guys from could tell they'd been under fire and were glad to be back. Right or wrong, agree or disagree, they did their duty there. A rough game to play in this world.... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur October 9th 2005

Departing West Palm for Boca Raton. My sister (from the Navy Ball) will give me a ride to the Jet Blue Terminal at Ft Lauderdale International Airport...5 am. This will begin days and days of Jet Lag! "Why India?" It was purely intuitive. I was checking links on the site, and saw on it. i checked out the myss link and saw the news about a trip to India in 5 star hotels. It seemed a nice way to go...but before I knew it, intuition said to go. The feeling of intuition (even if a voice) is very different from the voice(s) of the brain of logic and reason. I put down a modest deposit but didn't have money for the rest of the trip. Then...a client gave me a five thousand dollar tip. ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur October 9th 2005

Here's some shots from the Navy Ball at the Sailfish Club in Palm Beach. Hope they upload. Quite a way to begin a trip to India. We were all pretty toasted by the end of the evening...least I was...ouch! There were the sailors celebrating the birth of the Navy, great women, people of different ages, and Rick the bartender, possibly the wisest bartender I've ever met. He agrees with the poet Rumi that the soul has the shape of a bowl, that is, when looked at from above.... read more
at the navy ball
navy ball

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur October 8th 2005

Okay, bought a digital camera. A Kodak Easy Share 4.0 at Wallmart, but it goes great with iphoto for the Macintosh. The trick is to not install the Kodak software but to just do it and plug it in. Now, to figure out how to upload photos and so on. Thanks for your patience as I figure this out. The washing machiine will have to wait. ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jodhpur October 7th 2005

I have to tell you. I grew up shopping with six sisters. Shopping can confuse me. I bought three suitcases and returned one, but lost the receipt so it was complicated, and then bought two pairs of shoes I didn't need on my store credit, from the suitcases. I was going to buy a new washing machine but a friend suggested I buy a digital camera. I'm saving back the washing machine for the photos to upload here--as soon as I buy a camera and figure out how to do it. I'm trusting my washing machine won't go on the blink again. Day before yesterday, I found out that I had to have a Visa to go to India--nobody on the tour told me this, only that I needed a passport. My trip is not yet ... read more

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