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February 28th 2006
Published: February 28th 2006
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Although we've been back a few days now, I just have to add one final entry about food (ok, so it's really just an excuse to pretend that I'm still in India and not back at work sitting bored at my desk :-)

The food in India was fantastic. I don't really know where to start - there is so much to say, so I'll just blab on as usual, and try to mention some of the specific items that stood out rather than go on and go about all the different types of Indian foods we tried.

The Good:
Tilpapdi - this is a Jaipur speciality sweet. Don't really know how to describe it - it's quite dry - but it's totally delicious. I think it's made from sugar gad. We were lucky enough to meet up with a kind old gentleman on a train from Jaipur to Agra who, after sharing his lunch with us, treated us to some of this sweetie which he had bought for his friend in Agra. What a nice man he was. We will be sending some Scottish shortbread his way as soon as we get a chance.

After-dinner mouth refresher - This is a mixture of aniseeds and sugar crystals that are used to refresh your mouth after a meal. We seen it in Delhi and Jaipur in particular. You would think it would be awful but it's actually very delicious.

Surya Mahal - This isn't a food but a restaurant in Jaipur. It was the best restaurant we found and we really loved it there despite the fact that they didn't sell beer :-)

The Bad:
Coffee - by this I mean the coffee you get on trains or from stalls. It comes in teeny tiny cups and is very very sweet. I'm not even convinced it's coffee. I think it's chai disguised as coffee.

The Ugly:
Egg Flavour Crisps- I don't know why but all of the crisps we tried in India (apart from Lays) were Egg flavoured. Actually I'd go so far as to say rotten-egg flavoured. Not nice.

Of course there are millions more that I just don't have time to write about.


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