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January 25th 2006
Published: January 25th 2006
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For some reason it's been difficult to write about what I've done here and I still havn't come up with anything interesting so I'll let the photos give people a rough idea of what this place is like when I finally find a place where I can upload them.

What do you get if you cross a sheep with a goat? I don't know but if someone didn't kill the bloody goat someone was going to find out! Kamakyha temple (which i went to today) is just outside the city and they keep a whole bunch of animals tied up together outside which they routinely sacrafice (apparently). I didn't see any sacrafices myself but I did see lot of people buying pigeons and taking them into the temple. I don't think they kill all the animals there though because I saw a lot of bemused looking pidgeons stumbling around the place covered in that red powder they use when making offerings to the gods.

I used Guwahati as a hub to go into the state of Meghalaya and am now back again waiting for my train to Bhubaneshwar. Guwahati itself isn't spectacular but does have a few interesting sites and the people here are very different to everywhere else I've been so it's not a bad place to spend a few days. It doesn't really recieve any western tourists and every time I speak to someone they want to exchange contact details. I'm now accumulating so many that I reckon I could open a local telephone directory!

Of all the people I met here I only met one westerner - a posh English guy working as a proffesional photographer who seemed to know rather a lot about the royal family's activities. We briefly talked about renting a car together to make the one week journey to a place called Tawang monastry. The poor bloke seemed like he was having trouble shedding the geeky image he had clearly been carrying with him since he left school. He had a very childlike manner and at one point told me how he hated football at school because he was always the last one picked to be on the team. Perhaps travel photography is an escape from the real world for him.

I've been here twice now - 15th-18Jan and 24th-26thJan.


26th January 2006

y don't...
excuse me but what is the holly water by the golden temple called cause i was going some research on it for school but i didn't find it and i got a C- sorry to say that but i'd like to tell you to put that on your research thanks chrissy
26th January 2006

y don't...
4th February 2006

So you went as far as assam,actually i'm from nagaland now married and living in the uk - shame you didn't visit arunachal pradesh and nagaland to see more of tribal life.

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