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May 1st 2006
Published: May 10th 2006
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The final of the three J's of my Rajasthani experience was the best of all - Jaisalmer. Situated on the edge of the Thar Desert, near the border with Pakistan, Jaisalmer is a magical little desert town. As in Jodhpur, the town is centred around a fort, although Jaisalmer's fort is nowhere near as imposing and dominant as Meherangarh. From a distance, it looks a bit like a beach sand-castle. Ninety... Read Full Entry

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Detail, Patwa-ki-HaveliDetail, Patwa-ki-Haveli
Detail, Patwa-ki-Haveli

As a Portuguese girl I met put it, the haveli decoration is like embroidery or lace-work, only in stone.
I tried to help out by finding my camel in the morning, (they're hobbled and let free to feed at night).I tried to help out by finding my camel in the morning, (they're hobbled and let free to feed at night).
I tried to help out by finding my camel in the morning, (they're hobbled and let free to feed at night).

Despite the fact that it was hobbled, it easily evaded me and I had to give up eventually before I chased it too far away.

10th May 2006

Camel Capers
Michael I had such a good laugh reading your blog. Zoe was NOT impressed and sought refuge at the other end of the house!! The descriptions of the camel ride were hilarious. I'm just wondering where the photo is of the bride you were offered! You certainly are having an experience of a life time. Safe travelling during your last week in India!
11th May 2006

Thanks Michael, very entertaining story.
11th May 2006

crazy adventure!
The last couple of days you had sounds insane! The town youre in just sounds impressive in itself, but that camel ride...! It must have been a great experience to just set up camp in the middle of the desert... Michael Meadows, Western Australia's answer to Lawrence of Arabia.
11th May 2006

Best blog entry I've read!
Sup Bro, that was one of the funniest things I've read in a long time. I was at a friends house when I read it and got a lot of very strange looks as I was constantly cracking up and bursting into laughter! I'm looking forward to when you start your career as a travel writer!!!
14th November 2006

Thanks for a good laugh
I'm sure you've been told a few times already, but this is one of the funniest things I've read in long, long time! I was actually laughing OUT LOUD and at one point had a right laughing fit that made me cry and all! Hope you're still having a wonderful time, smart guy for putting off the rat race for as long as possible, keep it up! All the best Maria
25th November 2006

Thanx a lot
hey man thanx a lot. actually your photographs have helped me in my painting. thanx 1ce again. bye
5th November 2010

we cannot think how these stone carvings were done without machines even today it is not easy to build temples at such heights mind blowing must see ....

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