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June 29th 2009
Published: July 6th 2009
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Sorry for the lack of pictures, but Rob's camera has started to make some strange noises when he turns it on and off! This will hopefully get sorted as soon as we get to Mumbai!!!

Our trip to Jaipur seemed to take forever because we were both feeling a bit sick and bilious as you might say. The roads were really bumpy as well which wasn't what we needed as the sun was beating down on us in the already toasty hot car. We did see some wild snakes on the way though.

Our first impressions of Jaipur were of how friendly it was. The hotel that we were staying in was owned by the friendliest man in India, who assured us that his home was our home.

Jaipur was huge and reminded us both a little of Delhi, but with wider roads and it also seemed cleaner. At dusk time the sky was stunning. During our sight seeing tour of the city we went to the old Pink City, where Rob got involved and charmed some cobras, as well as the City Palace and another Jantar Mantar. The palaces that we visited were really beautiful, and the City palace had a textile museum, that was surprising good and an armory collection. It was a disappointment that we had to use disposable cameras though. We were also glad that we managed to go to the Jantar Mantar in Delhi, because although the observatory in Jaipur was bigger and had more explanations of how the different instruments worked, the colours were not as bright and we weren't able to walk inside the crazy shapes like in Delhi. The people of Jaipur are definitely the most friendly though out of anywhere in India to date. Even in shops the sale is not half as hard so the Pink City definitely got a thumbs up!


6th July 2009

That sounds amazing! Hope you got some pics of the snake charming!!! xx

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