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January 6th 2006
Published: January 6th 2006
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There must be so many reasons as to why a person visits a place, sometimes it could be wander lust sometimes a quest to know or sometimes a quest to fall in love.
I cant excatly tell why I landed up in Jaipur...only one word that i can recount right now to summarise the reason to be there is nothing but 'search'.
Today its just past an year that I visited the place which changed my perception of the word 'travel' at large.
It would be quite queer though but true that it was initially indeed a search for someone. In detail, its like this that I had met a certain guy in a music show a few years back. I suddenly realised that I had a crush on him after the series of the show had already ended! I did not know what to do or how to get in touch with him! In fact all that I knew about the guy was that he hailed from Jaipur.

Last year when I was on a trip to Delhi due to some work during my vacations, an idea struck me! Why not visit Jaipur...just 5 hours away from delhi. The reason perhaps was a curiosity or fantasy or whatever! but eventually it wasn't that easy convincing my parents, whom I could not tell the real reason.

So what I did was collected ample innformation from here and there to kind to advertise the place before them. They agreed. But while researching information I came across one such book that made me fall in love with the place even before I visited it.
The book is Maharani Gayatri Devi's biography:' A Princess remembers'. From the point of view of an young princess of Bengal who fascinated and later married the prince of Jaipur, the book is made of what the queen's life was made of. Spread over decades of her life the book captures time, Jaipur and the metamorphosis of culture at its best.
The regal Jaipur comes alive in the book and am sure whoever reads it will die to visit that place, those palaces, those forts!

And so I headed to Jaipur. In the winter season. And that today is the most memorable experience of my life.

Starting the trip:
Jaipur is about 260 km from Delhi. So heading from Delhi it was not very tough on our part to reach Jaipur by road. It took about 5 hours. But the journey in itself was mind-blowing!

From Delhi as we head towards Jaipur, the change in the surroundings tell that you are migrating. We touched the state of Haryana before entering Rajasthan. So we actually encountered a steep differrence in the physical features of the land. It all was so exciting..something like things are springing up from books, stories and living themselves in front of you!!

(to be continued...)


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