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January 1st 2012
Published: January 1st 2012
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It is time now for a humorous blog. This shall tell you all we have noticed that seem to be suggestions. Not laws. Not statements. Suggestions.

First of all the road:

• Lane markings. They are there. They tell you the minimumof vehicles that fit on a road. We have experienced twice that.
• Stop lights. If no ones there, keep going. When stopped, all motorbikes go to the front. 20-30 motorbikes are normal.
• Number of Passengers. Varies with the vehicles. Jeeps hold upwards of 25. Motorbikes hold 5 (children are allowed to drive). Buses have people on the top, hanging out the side, holding on the back. Normally if you can see the vehicle as it goes by, its not at capacity.
• Seatbelts. Eh. They are there. See Number of Passengers.
• Speed Limits. Again, occasionally they are posted. Has anyone followed them, not yet. However there are speed bumps before you get into town.
• Merging. If it looks as if you fit, go ahead. There are no gaps, only opportunites to merge.
• Honking. It's recommended. Better yet required. You honk to say I see you, I'm here, get out of my way, merging, passing in a no passing zone.
• Not everything on the road has a motor. You shall see handcarts, bikes, rickshaws, people and animals.
• Animals. Herds of goats, cows, sheep, water buffalo. Dogs, Elephants, Camels, pigs, chickens and peacocks. They are allowed to use the road also. They occasionally use it to sleep. They also do a lot of merging.
• Bathroom. Just step off the road. You dont even have to turn around.
• Meeting. The middle of the intersection is great. Also the inside lane. Just stop and open a door. Also if you need to take a call, just stop.
• Sidewalks. Not just for walking. They are also for driving, tying up animals, peeing, hawking and playing cards.

Stay tuned for the next addition.


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