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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Chittorgarh October 2nd 2017

Today 29/9 leaving Udaipur which we loved to go to Chittagarh but the hotel was 50kms past....Lake Nahargarh Palace. We get to the boat landing and get ferried across to the hotel and it quickly becomes apparent that a Palace no more it is...! It does have a pool and we get a suite room but it is really scruffy...we take photos and send them through to Ritu guest relations at Gets Travel saying she should not send any more foreign tourists here.We are the only foreigners and there are whole families with young kids.Peeling paint rusty bathroom fittings, wires dangling all around outside of building and the lake is a cesspit. Anyway only one night but our main concern is that the company does not send any more foreigners there and we also asked them ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Chittorgarh January 29th 2017

Musician in the streets of Jaipur Struggling with feelings of doubt or low self-esteem? I have just the place for you. After settling into a picturesque, bougainvillea-festooned Maharaja's estate in this small town of Karauli, not far from Agra, India, our group of 10... Brits, Americans, Aussies and we Canucks... wandered out the front gates of the palace, clambered aboard flatbed carts attached by long wooden poles to large camel-toned... you guessed it... camels. Two carts, two camels, 5 pale-white tourists per flatbed and we were off. The mid-afternoon sun settled over us warmly as the camels began slowly trodding forward into the narrow streets of the town. Sitting immediately behind the behind of the camel, its rump muscles shifting smoothly up and down like pistons, I'm a bit surprised there isn't a stronger animal scent ... read more

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Chittorgarh February 6th 2016

I woke up early along with Dylan and Oli. They were heading off to east towards a town called Bundi and I had decided to head that way too. Dylan, whom I had rode with the day earlier, had offered to give me I ride on the back of his Royal Enfield bullet and I happily accepted. This would be a great way to see some of India and one most people did not get to experience. He also mentioned that he would give me some more bike lessons so that I could ride on my own eventually. I love traveling by bike and I explored a lot by scooter in south-east Asia some years back, so this seemed like the next logical step. The boys had mobiles with Indian sim cards and these had proved ... read more
Dylan and Oli

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Chittorgarh August 16th 2015

With both legs dangling over the edge of this world heritage site, listening to a faint sound of Indian music in the distance, we sat watching the sun set over the immense city ahead. Looking below us the city was bustling and alive. We however were sat at a height amidst the calm majestic walls of the Chittorgarh fort. This area of the fort was in ruins and was barely standing but somehow it still stood tall and proud as a reflection of the power and glory that once was. Not managing to say much we sat in near silence trying to absorb what we had seen and learnt at this fort. We were reminded of the rich history that had moulded this fort and the many people who had gave their lives away in honour ... read more
Built on top of the mountain
Dressed for the occasion

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Chittorgarh January 31st 2015

HE SAID... We were leaving Bundi and travelling south west to the district of Chittor (or Chittorgarh). We woke early at 5am, had a quick shower on our hot water rations, organised our packs and headed to the lobby to use the wifi. We were leaving the hotel at 7am, and we’d heard that there would be limited internet access for the next two days. We were travelling to Bassi by train and then to Pangarh by jeep (where our lakeside campsite was located). We would be camping under the stars tonight. We travelled to the Bundi train station by jeep and arrived at 7.15am. We waited on the platform until our train arrived at 7.45am. It was a pretty basic local train and there were no allocated seats, so we jumped on and grabbed whatever ... read more
bassi station
roster of pangarh retreat
pangarh retreat

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Chittorgarh March 1st 2014

Chittaurgarh February 17th 2004 “..I've been told there's a sucker born everyday, but I wonder who?... Maybe the one who doesn't realise there's a thousand shades of grey, 'cause I know that's true....” Rosy and Grey – Lowest of the Low There is just a rush when you get back on the road and set off for what you always know is going to be another adventure. I had heard about Chittor but never really even stopped to explore what was there – then a friend in Pushkar mentioned how it was this amazing place with a big fort. Chittor was the main centre of Rajput power from the 7th to the 16th century. It has seen many dynasties and been seriously attacked at least three times. Each time jauhar was performed by women and their ... read more
.... getting closer
.... and closer
One of the main gates climbing the escarpment

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Chittorgarh March 14th 2012

05.00 Hours Tuesday 13 March Up before dawn to catch the train to Chittorgarh. Take a rick to the station and check the train platform, everybody is walking across the track but I decide to use the footbridge. I buy some chai on the platform and dip my cinnamon roll into it that I brought last night . Taste’s good. I am in AC chair and it’s ok. Not long before the trains leaves I am joined by a fellow English traveller. Chris is in India for a month and on his way to Shimla. That’s a fair old way up in the mountains to the north. Shimla was the British retreat when the summer in Delhi got too hot for them. That's why it looks like an English town. Like somewhere in Cheshire it's said. ... read more
AC Chair Class
Me and Chris

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Chittorgarh December 25th 2011

Christmas Day. Spent in the car. Almost all day. But it couldn't be avoided. We had 16 days in India and making the most of it meant being in the car on Christmas Day. But we didn't see any dead animals. Or people. So that's positive. We had breakfast at Cafe Edelweiss and were on the road by 9AM. We didn't see Hardev yesterday, so it was good to see him again this morning. We were on our way to Jaipur and it was a long drive, but we stopped at Chittorgarh, Rajasthan's largest fort (100Rs) on the way there. We felt like we had seen enough forts, honestly, but Hardev said it was the biggest and we knew he wanted us to feel like we got the most out of our trip, so stopped without ... read more
Chittorgarh  Ruins
More  Monkeys

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Chittorgarh February 18th 2010

Facinated by the stories of Rani Padmini and to have the glance of the beauty, we cannot missed chittorgarh when in udaipur, also the love for forts and the history, a day journey to and fro from udaipur. On the way had a stop at Nathdwara the holy shrine. Chittorgarh is about 115 km from Udaipur, the fort is in well condition considering the other forts in India, the victory stumbh are worth a visit, the disappointing is that there is no trace about rani Padmini, not even a sigle picture, and also her palace is closed for the visitors. There is no much to see other than fort in Chittorgarh, a fort takes a day including travel from Udaipur, but one must not missed it if in Udaipur.... read more
The victory stumbh
The garden
one more temple

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Chittorgarh February 1st 2010

We stopped at Chittorgarh for two nights, just to see the magnificent old hilltop fort. It is only a small town, and there is not much else to do there, and not many restaurants to choose from. As usual we opted for a Lonely Planet recommendation. This was a basement restaurant, with harsh fluorescent-strip lighting, formica table tops, a colour scheme dominated by dark brown, and a dog-eared plastic menu card in bizarre English. The buzzing flies outnumbered the human customers by about 50 to 1. We have seen quite a few restaurants like this in India. Most of the dishes consisted of a spicy dark brown sludge, with small amorphous black lumps that always seem to call for further investigation to ensure that they were not fragments of flies or cockroaches. Nevertheless the food turned ... read more

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