Rajasthan 2010 - Day-1: The Lost World of Kiradu

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November 3rd 2010
Published: December 4th 2010
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Ahmedabad -> Palanpur -> Disa -> Sanchor -> Barmer -> Kiradu

Some time back I had read about ancient temples at Kiradu in Rajasthan. Ever since, it was in my list of the "must visit places".

During our Jaisalmer-Jodhpur trip, we ensured not to miss Kiradu! We drove down to Barmer via Palanpur, Deesa, Sanchor,... and asked for directions to the 'Kiradu temples' near Barmer. It is a pity that being such an amazing archeological wonder of the country, it is not much heard of. However, it is very much accessible by car.

When we reached there, the main gate was closed and looked like it had been closed for a very long time! As per the written timings, it should have been open; however, there was no trace of the ticket window either! We found a small gate, just besides the main gate (not so visible), open. When we entered, we were welcomed by dozens of goats! We walked down the road to reach the first temple. A few minutes later, the care taker of the monument appeared. He was very friendly and talked about the temples and the history. He also mentioned that hardly 3-4 visitors go there every week. I must say - this is a hidden gem in true sense! You have to visit it to experience the mystic peace!

There are some stories about the mysteries of now completely deserted 5 temples, 40 kms away from Barmer, Rajasthan. As per the archeological department, Kiradu used to be a very prosperous city in 11th & 12th centuries. It was ruled by the King Someshwar of the Parmar dynasty. This place was destroyed by Turushkas invaders and was restored later on. However, due to its location, it was never safe from the foreign invaders. Subsequently, this town situated at the foothills of beautiful mountains was deserted.

Today, one can see the remains of five temples: one dedicated to Lord Vishnu and the rest to Lord Shiva. The archeological department has also found remains of Jain idols, proving the existence of a Jain temple in this area. All the structures demonstrate the mixture of Marwar and Gurjar styles in their architecture.

We spent approximately one hour and drove back to Barmer to continue to Jaisalmer.

If you are visiting the Jaisalmer area in your car, and have half day at your disposal, make a visit!

Some useful information:

Preferably October to March. Mornings or Afternoons.

40 kms from Barmer towards Munabao (the last railway station of India - the next stop is Pakistan!).

How to get there?
Barmer is a major stop of state transport buses. You best bet would be to drive down on your own or take a cab from Jaisalmer.

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10th December 2010

Rajasthan Travel Agents
I know the mostly tourist places in rajasthan but i know a new place "kiradu" from this blog. Thanks for giving me such useful information.

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