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Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi March 19th 2013

Last year in April, we moved to New Delhi. Saying bye bye to China and our wonderful friends after 6 years was REALLY hard, but out here in India, it's been a very exciting year...... read more
Colorful grace

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi March 17th 2013

On Thursday afternoon, we arrived in Mandawa. The town in the north of Rajasthan is not as touristy as many cities in the South and East of the province yet, which I quite liked. A tour guide took us to some of the havelis (merchants' houses) there. They are 100 to 120 years old and used to be beautifully painted and decorated. However, they are not well-maintained and thus rapidly declining. But still you get an idea of the beauty of the buildings and the wealth of their owners. The next day, we spent six hours on the road again to get back to Delhi. So in the afternoon, we were more than happy to walk a little bit. We caught the Metro to Connaught Place, which is arranged radially around a circular garden. The arcaded ... read more
Mandawa II
Mandawa III
Delhi I

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi » Qutub Minar March 16th 2013

I can’t believe that this is my last blog entry. I thought that it was going to be impossible to write this on the plane, as the first time that I booted up my laptop the guy sitting next to me gawked at the screen as if it was perfectly natural and acceptable to peer into another person’s private affairs. However, having spotted some free seats at the back I have moved to a more private location. Having left Neil’s house at 3am after the taxi driver having called the cleaner for directions (!!!) and passed painfully slowly through Delhi International Terminal (the highlight being asked by the guys at Travelex if I could come back in 15 minutes because they wanted to finish the breakfast they were eating in the booth) I boarded the first ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi » Qutub Minar March 15th 2013

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggghhhhh! Delhi is a fucking motherfucking twaaaaaaat! What a fucking day, and it’s still only 3:56pm so god only knows what else lies in store before it’s over. Delhi has given me the perfect last day for getting over my blues about leaving India, that kind that will make me leap for joy through the airplane door; a day full of filling-out-12-forms-in-the-post-office type frustrations. I am now a man on the edge of a nervous breakdown. It all started when the tailor, the brother of the man in J&K with whom I had placed the order, came round to deliver the leather handbags that I have had made for those that will be hosting me during my time in the UK; their bag factory is in Delhi. He arrived promptly at 10am as promised, was short ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi March 15th 2013

Tomorrow is our last day of this amazing adventure and what a day it should be as we are going to the Taj Mahal! Delhi has been wonderful especially spending time with Sarah and Munbir and family and we look forward to seeing them at the wedding! Andrew and I would like to thank all the people who have made our 1st (!) round the tour so memorable, Mark in Missouri , Julia, David, Karen, Chris, Donna, Tia. Mike, Sean, Anna and of course Hannah in New Zealand, Carol, Diane and Husbands in Sydney as well as Owen and his fiancee, Eli who came to share the Thai part of the trip, Moni, Joseph and all the children at Hope Village in Kerala and more recently Sarah and Munbir here in Delhi. Also special thoughts go ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi » Qutub Minar March 14th 2013

Delhi is the one night stand that I suspected she would be when I arrived here in November, a city that woos you quickly with its energy and individuality and intoxicating craziness, but which – when you go back a few months later – has moved on with no memory of you, and suddenly seems more like a worn-out dirty old whore. And yet you still can’t help but be fascinated by her. I find myself missing Srinagar, who never became my love like Mount Hagen did, but who nonetheless penetrated my veins and got into my blood in those cruel winter months that we bedded down together to get through the hardships. In the end I guess, like people, we feel the deepest connection not with those places that offer only brief excitement, but with ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi » Qutub Minar March 13th 2013

Ever get the feeling that you’re not supposed to leave a place? It started last night when my multiplug extension, which has served me faithfully during my time at Relax Inn, suddenly blew it’s fuse whilst I was trying to make a cup of tea. I didn’t mention it in my diary because, although it seemed odd that it should happen the last time I try to use it, it didn’t seem overly significant. But then when I went to bed last night, with physical energy at 0% and emotional energy at -15%, I went into a kind of semi-sleep where I composed a song entirely in Hindi in which I could hear some woman singing in my head, but had no idea what she was saying. Regardless of the words, the tune was actually quite ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi March 13th 2013

Up at 3am to fly from Cochin to New Delhi. As always I have left my heart in Kerala.The generosity and warmth of the local people is humbling.The beauty of the women is equalled to the beauty of the waterways, the beaches and the countryside. We flew Indigo, an excellent Indian lowcost airline, to New Delhi and were met at the airport by sweet Sarah and Munbir who drove us to our lodgings in Hans Klaus Village the trendy, arty and expensive new area of the city where they have their office ( The Wild City ). Our home for the next 3 days ( airbnb) is comfortable and quiet and you would never think you were in one of the world's megacities.Off downstairs to the french bakery now as I spotted a,lemon cake on my ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi » Karol Bagh March 12th 2013

New Delhi Our hotel was a little cozy bed and breakfast and they served the most delicious Indian breakfast I had in India so far. We woke up and ordered two meals of breakfast which included, parantha, some lentils, and a veggie kind of porridge, some juice and delicious authentic chai! When we were heading out the old man in charge of the reception asked us if we would stay another night and well we decided yes, but we had to move rooms and tour luck got a little upgraded for the same price to a better hotel )same owner but newer facility) and with a better and bigger room. So after packing up and moving our stuff we headed out to explore Delhi. Our first stop was at a tourist agent to look for a ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi March 10th 2013

I arrived in Delhi at 11 and and Marlies's plane arrived at 1.00 after being a delayed an hour, I waited in arrivals - it's a bit like Dubai as it's so clean and new it's just smaller. From there we got the metro - so impressed! We thought maybe we had got the wrong country as Dheli is so overpopulated and yet only a dozen of them were using the metro. Coming out the metro we met an auto rickshaw driver who became our chauffeur for the day. He took us to a tourist office where we booked our train tickets for the week; for 190 euros we got New Delhi >> Jaipur >> Agra >> Varanassi >> Delhi with all the accomodation and breakfast included. It was the budget option so we were pleasantly ... read more

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