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October 25th 2018
Published: October 25th 2018
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This was my last day in Delhi and we started at Humayan’s Tomb. Humayan was the second Mughal emperor back in the early 1500s. When he died, his widow had this large tomb and garden built. It is extremely symmetrical and the dome has a pleasing shape. This tomb is felt to be a direct inspiration to the architect who designed the Taj Mahal for the wife of the fifth Mughal emperor in the early 1600s. Our next stop was the main mosque in Delhi, called Jama Masjid. It is a big, attractive mosque and, like all mosques in India, it faces west toward Mecca. Close by is a Jain temple with a bird hospital. Jainism is a rather extreme sect that believes the achievement of nirvana requires the strict avoidance of causing harm to any animals. Good Jains sweep the ground in front of them when they walk so they don’t inadvertently step on an insect. No photos are allowed inside their temple, but I did get one of the parakeets in the hospital. The last thing we did today is walk around the big bazaar called Chandni Chowk. It is a madhouse of people, vehicles, animals, and stalls selling myriad items such as saris, ready-to-eat food, jewelry, and lots of other stuff. It was busy and loud, as I expected, but not overwhelming, as one of my guidebooks implied.

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