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July 8th 2018
Published: July 10th 2018
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Most big Indian cities have terrible reputations, so we didn't test this one much by visiting the local markets and such. We basically used it as a convenient base to get buses, trains and planes to other places- and to stay in the luxury and to take advantage of every perk at the airport Marriott.

1. The metro system is new and efficient, and the airport line is certainly better than anything in the U.S., which sadly isn't saying much, but it's super-comfortable (and very clean), inexpensive, and fast, achieving that difficult trifecta of mass transit.

2. The main train station is guaranteed to provide you with visuals that you can't un-see or un-remember.

3. The heat was oppressive at around 45C (113F), so even the young, middle class area of Connaught Place was difficult to enjoy, but the area is worth visiting.

4. A clueless Uber driver accidentally dropped us off at a complex of government buildings and palaces, which seemed nice enough to explore if you need to see more of those. We saw Humayun Tomb from the metro, which was sufficient.

5. Overall, the city is a dichotomy of progress and shocking misery (one advert hilariously uses the euphemism 'modernity and history'), as illustrated by the spotless elevated metro line cutting through vast protected natural areas, and then getting off at a stop and walking through the usual squalor, disorder, begging, and filth.


12th July 2018

Delhi is more than just a capital city
You should have explored a bit more, I think. Yes, the air is thick, people are everywhere in huge numbers, but there are some fascinating sights, the like of which you'd be hard pushed to find elsewhere. Take a look at my most recent blog 'There's a hint of Delhi in the air...' and a previous one 'A capital with a capital 'C'' to see what you missed.
21st July 2018

45 degree heat is a guarantee of misery everywhere you go
Delhi is better in the winter, still challenging, but much better. I always quite liked Delhi but with it recently having claimed the title of world's most polluted city perhaps there is never going to be a good time to visit.

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