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Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi July 4th 2012

After a bit of a nightmare at Heathrow we made it to Delhi just a day later than expected. The flight was good despite Graeme spilling red wine all down his light linen pants - ha! Landing at Delhi airport at 1am, the heat was overwhelming. Even though the flight had been delayed the hotel pick-up was still waiting for us. We survived the drive back to the hotel - just. And we've never heard so many car horns on the road especially at that time of the night. Crazy drivers. The dark, dingy alley (with outdoor urinals at the end) leading to our hotel was a nice, warm reception. Surprisingly, our room was nice, with a TV, air-con that actually worked and an en suite with a real flushing toilet! On our first day we ... read more
Before the crazy light show
Mmm Masala Dosa
Lotus Temple

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi July 2nd 2012

Today we had a big drive back to Delhi and "the Connaught Hotel". We said our Goodbye's to Sanjeev our wonderful bus driver for the past whirlwind four day tour that we had undertaken. Sanjeev's familly live back in the mountains in Northern India, and he bases himself in Delhi to earn money and sees them only occasionally. We decided we needed an extra suitcase for the Souveniors we had acquired so embarked on the challenge of shopping in the Connaught area in New Delhi. The area was busy with market style stalls and loads of touters who were really annoying. They follow you for streets if you show any interest in their products such as Marco's desire for sunglasses! We walked for a while and ended up a laneway that had the strongest stench of ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi » Dwarka June 29th 2012

Today we start our " Golden Triangle Tour' . We did this tour because we were strongly advised to by Lauren from STA travel. My God that was the best advice we had. Delhi is the Capital of India and has a 16million plus population. When we arrived in Delhi it was extremely hot 40C plus and really high humidity. So we appreciated the airconditioned Hotel and the Airconditioned bus that we toured in and our lovely bus driver Sanjeev. It was also very good not to have to think to much on this whirlwind tour that we were about to embark on. On this day we toured around Old and new Delhi. Delhi appear be a much more developed city than Kolkata with better roads, and some parts appeared clean and we actually did spy ... read more
Mahatma Ghandi "sbGrave

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi June 13th 2012

After stepping of the airplane from Pune my first thought about Kolkata was that it was the most humid city I had ever step foot in. However humidity and endless sweating aside, Kolkata was an amazing experience that I will never forget. The highlight of Kolkata for me was working at the Mother Teresa house. Like most of Kolkata, it is a unique experience, but also very sad. The first morning at the Mother Teresa house I worked at Prem Dan with women, many of whom are stroke patients or amputees, who are unable to care for themselves. When I first arrived I put on my red apron and started doing the morning laundry. Unfortunately most of the laundry is soiled sheets, not my most favorite thing to wash, and hand washing in120 degree heat with ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi » Dwarka June 8th 2012

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates on this thing, we've only just managed to get into an internet cafe! It's our last day in India now and we're both sad and happy to be leaving. We've had a strange experience here: there have been things that's we've absolutely loved alongisde things we could do without! On our first day in Delhi we didn't want to waste any time so we dived straight in...this was probably the wrong thing to do. We got quite overwhelmed as obviously we didn't really know what we had gotten ourselves into. The day wasn't completely bad but Delhi is absolutely crazy! We visited a local Bazaar street known as "Chandi Chowk". It's right in the heart of the Old City, across from the Red Fort. We got some food ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi May 31st 2012

I walked easy and slowly with steady steps. Its amazing, the feeling that you get when nothing goes your way and you're still ready to walk on. It feels as if you'be been stripped of every security and still you don't feel insecure. You feel the presence of a strength that comes from being in touch dirrectly with the world, the universe around you. You feel naked and yet you feel comfortable. You haven't slept or rested yet you feel strong. You walk alone yet you feel a strong presence around you. Its as if the cosmos stretches its arms towards you with a smile and asks you to just trust... to just go with the flow. I planned to go to Vasihno Devi (Jammu & Kashmir) the coming weekend by bus. But I didn't know ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi May 20th 2012

Well is has bin a wile but now things calm down at work i have more time to explore and will do so the next few weeks. I found in a small book this market and went there this morning, it is a art/craft market with goods from all over India and the prices are insanely cheap.Most of the stuff is sold true the Indian government and most of the stuff is tribal stuff. Took off around 10 o clock this morning before the real heat hits its getting up to 106 degrees and that is the time to be in house fan on or ac and wait for evening to do more stuff. The stuff the sell is off high quality i got my self a nice tribal Kurta and some Sterling Silver ankle bracelets ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi » Dwarka May 16th 2012

I've finally reached my last destination in Asia before I return to the western world, India! This day has been long awaited and it's almost surreal that I am here now. I spent a month fretting over my visa to get here and only one week before my flight was I able to obtain it. It was such a relief because otherwise I'd be left with unusable flights. We flew from Singapore to New Delhi via Indigo airlines for only $130! Such a great value and the flight was very nice. There were only 4 western passengers on the flight and this was our first sign that things are going to be very different from here on out. It's nice going somewhere that won't be filled with other tourists like places in Southeast Asia are. Arriving ... read more
The India Gate
Power Outage!
Trying to find our way

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi May 10th 2012

Hello followers The last time I posted I was on the airplane heading to Delhi so I have a lot to catch you guys up on. Wow New Delhi is amazing! For those of you who don’t already know, New Delhi is the capital of India and it is in the state of Delhi. When we landed we collected our bags and got picked up at the airport by Gannesh, who gave us a cell phone to share and we were off to the hotel! At the entrance of the airport there were a few families sleeping on the sidewalks. The cars drive on the left side of the road, and I quickly figured out that the lines on the street for cars are optional. Actually I think that as soon as you drive something smaller ... read more

May 6, 2012 Namaste..well not quite yet! I am traveling to Delhi with seven other students from Ottawa University. Everyone gets a long really well so far; probably because we are all a little bit crazy to be going to live and work in India for three months. Traveling to Delhi has not been without its challenges. Most of us only slept a few hours before our flight to Toronto in anticipation of sleeping on our flight at 2:30 p.m from Toronto to Delhi (which would put us on Delhi time as our flight would have been during night time Delhi time…if that made sense). I was particularly hungover and, have yet to gain my appetite back but maybe I am just nervous. As the universe would have it, the flight was delayed not by two ... read more

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