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Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi April 9th 2013

Geo: 28.6137, 77.1834A travel blog that sets out to convey any sense of the reality of travel in India would be remiss if there were no stories about the frustrating aspects of traveling in this vast country, or more specifically, travelling by train, its primary mode of transport. It needs to be stated that tickets for all reserved seats must be purchased well in advance - as in weeks ahead of time - which definitely cramps the style of those of us who like to "play it by ear". Unless, of course, you are comfortable running the risk of fighting for a third class seat purchased on the day of travel at the train station, and quite possibly standing for hours without a seat if you were not lucky or aggressive enough to secure one of ... read more
Bev in Waiting Mode
Bev Getting Her Running Shoes Polished
Greasing Railway Tie Pins

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi April 7th 2013

Geo: 28.6137, 77.1834Our decision to return to Delhi was predicated by a need to visit The Taj Mahal. I am not lying when I say I had no desire to make this trip. Visiting The Golden Temple in Amritsar was my gig, and I left it just a couple of days before feeling completely overwhelmed and satisfied with the experience. However, Stan insisted that a visit to India must include this iconic wonder of the world, so we set off for another day trip to the city of Agra and The Taj Mahal.The plan was to pick up a 10:00 a.m. train, arrive by 1:00 p.m., have a full afternoon to visit, then take a train back in the evening. Well, things didn't work out quite like that, as our train was three hours late, but ... read more
The Taj Reflected in its Waters
Stan in one of the Taj's Arches
Bev Holding up the Taj

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi April 3rd 2013

This year I got to experience Holi with new friends: Jess, John, Sarah, and Michelle. We were in India for vendor management meetings, but on the weekend we got enjoy a spectacular Indian Holi-day at a music festival called Rang. Enjoy! The below pictures taken at the Rang Music Festival were taken by Jess. Now I head to California to see family. My father is not feeling well.... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi » Dwarka April 2nd 2013

India is a country many people say, "Love it or Hate it." And these words carry true for a reason. India is a challenging country, a land of complete extremes. From the extreme climates of desert heats or mountainous snow, to the extreme poverty and wealth from the slums to the palaces. My personal experience in India has been one of numerous ups and downs. I've encountered harshness and difficult situations to the max as well as experiences of kindness and helpfulness from utter strangers. Sometimes I myself cannot believe the circumstances and situations I am often faced with. Needless to say as a blonde, American girl the situations I'm often faced with can be sometimes downright scary but at the end of the day I am utterly thankful for what I have been blessed with. ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi » Dwarka April 1st 2013

En dag kvar. I natt flyger jag hem till Sverige igen. Den har tiden, en manad och tre veckor exakt, har varit otroligt handelserik, pafrestande, skon, inspirerande. Det ar ganska svart att sammanfatta den har manaden och veckan. Det far landa nar jag kommer hem. Det som jag garanterat kan saga ar jag jag ar valdigt tacksam att jag lever i Sverige. Jag skulle aldrig vilja bo i Indien. Det skulle bara vara for mycket. Jag skulle nog bli mentalt sjuk. Semester och aventyr, okej. Andamanerna skulle jag mojligtvis kunna bo pa! Men resten... Nej tack. Det ar for mycket skrap, for mycket ljud och for manga manniskor. Manga indier forstar jag mig inte pa. Sist pa taget mot Delhi sa kom det in kvinnoman som klappade med sina hander, hart och snartande. De forvantar sig ... read more
Nagra damer fran Tibetan refugee camp. Kvinnan i mitten fragade mig om jag var en kille eller tjej.
Picture 009
Lakeside, och Peace pagoda till hoger.

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi March 31st 2013

*** So, hier auch der 2. Eintrag nun öffentlich für alle (siehe unten)!! In der Zwischenzeit haben sich die Pläne schon wieder geändert... wir haben heute entschieden, Indien doch schon bald zu verlassen. Eigentlich wollten wir am 3.4 zurück nach Kolakata, um ein Solarstrom Projekt für Einzelhaushalte mit auszuwerten, das fällt aber nun für uns flach. Zeitgleich haben Sascha und ich beide das Gefühl, dass wir genug Indien hatten. Es ist wirklich ein wunderbares und sehr buntes Land mit vielen vielen netten und hilfreichen Menschen, aber nach unserer Reise durch vor allem touristische Städte sind wir beide einfach fertig... täglich 100 mal Leute loswerden, die einem was verkaufen wollen und einem sagen da wo man hin will ist 7km von hier obwohl es nur 20m sind, die einem tolles Gras zu einem noch tolleren Preis verkaufen ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi » Dwarka March 28th 2013

Welcome to the Festival of Colours as we celebrate the beginning of spring in India with the festival of Holi. This year was my first Holi Festival and already I'm looking forward to the years to come. I first came to India last July with the words: Ïndia, you either Love it...or Hate it" in my mind. Two weeks of temples, sightseeing, religious pilgrimages, cows in the streets, monkeys in the trees, crazy rickshaw drivers and now here I am in India to stay. Holi is celebrated with colors, paints, squirt guns, water balloons and a good sense of humour -or in my case utter paranoia as I roam the streets a prime target for any and all potential water balloon or paint attacks. I decided to keep indoors for the early morning Holi-fest, however the ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi March 19th 2013

Last year in April, we moved to New Delhi. Saying bye bye to China and our wonderful friends after 6 years was REALLY hard, but out here in India, it's been a very exciting year...... read more
Colorful grace

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi March 13th 2013

Up at 3am to fly from Cochin to New Delhi. As always I have left my heart in Kerala.The generosity and warmth of the local people is humbling.The beauty of the women is equalled to the beauty of the waterways, the beaches and the countryside. We flew Indigo, an excellent Indian lowcost airline, to New Delhi and were met at the airport by sweet Sarah and Munbir who drove us to our lodgings in Hans Klaus Village the trendy, arty and expensive new area of the city where they have their office ( The Wild City ). Our home for the next 3 days ( airbnb) is comfortable and quiet and you would never think you were in one of the world's megacities.Off downstairs to the french bakery now as I spotted a,lemon cake on my ... read more

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi March 10th 2013

I arrived in Delhi at 11 and and Marlies's plane arrived at 1.00 after being a delayed an hour, I waited in arrivals - it's a bit like Dubai as it's so clean and new it's just smaller. From there we got the metro - so impressed! We thought maybe we had got the wrong country as Dheli is so overpopulated and yet only a dozen of them were using the metro. Coming out the metro we met an auto rickshaw driver who became our chauffeur for the day. He took us to a tourist office where we booked our train tickets for the week; for 190 euros we got New Delhi >> Jaipur >> Agra >> Varanassi >> Delhi with all the accomodation and breakfast included. It was the budget option so we were pleasantly ... read more

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