India is a dirty, dirty place.

Published: June 2nd 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

India has a very distinct smell. It smells of cows and dirty people and urine and insense. I'm going to make this short because I'm running on lack of sleep,lack of food, lack of water and it's too damn hot to function right now. When we got back to Delhi it was 47 degrees celsius. Thank god it's not humide. Since the last time I sent a message I have taken 3 trains and a plane ride across this country. We went to Amritsar a few days ago. I like Amritsar better than Delhi. Saw the golden temple. Very impresive, so far the highlight of the trip. Made our way over to Varanasi. Not my favorite place so far. Too dirty and too much death. Our dead bodies spotted count has now reached at least 5. We went to a night ceremony on the Ganges to see Hindus praying to the Ganges. Let's put emphasis on how dirty this place is. People do their business (ie. bathroom things) in the streets, garbage is everywhere, the Ganges is one of the most polluted rivers in the world. If I jumped in I would have to find the nearest hospital and get double vacinations for everything. Another highlight was we took a night train from Delhi to Varanasi. Very interesting experience, I had a riot of a time. I'm tired and the boys are asking too many questions. Tyler and Vince are my heros, each is brilliant in their own way. Tyler may or may not have drank Ganges water. Tomorrow we take a train to the Taj Mahal. Another early day. I can't wait to sleep in. Miss you all. Happy birthday Michelle!!


2nd June 2007

...sounds like my house.
India sounds dirty, like my house. Except we don't have urine in the corners and dead bodies in the hallways. It's gettin hot here today a whopping 28! to your 47. Lol. I hope you're taking lots of photos! Sorry I didn't get to chat with you on the phone last night, but I'm sure your phonecard was running out. Play safe. -d
3rd June 2007

who knew ankles were so sexy
Every thing we read sez smelly, guess now we know just how bad. Need to see more pictures...we are counting the days to when the parcel arrives. Don't drink the water, love mommy
3rd June 2007

Hot Summer not right time to see North India
You need lot od patience to see India. There are moments such as these.Also hot summer is NOT the right time to visit North India.I would advise you to go directly to South India[Kerala backwaters] to enjoy monsoon or go to Hill Sations in North India like McCleod Ganj or Manali in Himachal Pradesh . Delhi,Rajasthan,Vranasi are good only in winter season[Sept-Feb].
3rd June 2007

A quote from the book of partition "Freedom at Midnight", everything smells in India except the roses. Quick go find some roses. Buy Saffron. Cheers, mommy
3rd June 2007

You should probably stay home
I do not know what and where you have been. . I think you have traveled to c grade places on a shoe string budget. Next time stay home !!!
19th May 2009

Seeing the place in the movie slumdog is already a very bad experience for me how much more if you are in the place...
22nd June 2009

India is an adventure
I wouldn't recommend basing your opinion of India on a movie. It was mostly Mumbai featured in that film, not to say the rest of India is better or worse, just different. Despite my little rant on the blog. India was my favorite stop on my field school, in fact, it was the main reason I participated in the field school. Don't go it alone and be prepared for everything. By the end of India nothing there shocked me but I still want to go back and explore more.
22nd June 2009

Stay at home?
I know this was posted two years ago but here is my reply, don't be a tool and tell me to stay home. It was part of a field school and those C grade places on a shoe string budget( HELLO, student= not a lot of cash) are some of the most amazing places I've ever visited/ stayed. Go back to your hole.
4th July 2009

Dirty India
Yes because of overpopulation and weak political will its really dirty and messy.There are lots and lots of poor people here.U can never imagine how much.I myself cant see their condition improve because of their mentality

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