An adventurous weekend

Published: May 1st 2007
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So where do I start?

Saturday was Carrie's birthday so we had a bit of a do at ACCESS and then Carrie, Gabi, Hannah and I went into the city for a spot of shopping. We had a really great time and when we got to Garuda Mall we made Gabbi and Hannah go into 'Scary House', the really frightening place I told you about previously. Well as the photo shows they were really scared as well which was so funny for Carrie and I to see.

That evening we decided to order pizza as there was just going to be the 3 of us at the flat, we had a great evening laughing and joking and then during the night we all had food posioning. I have never felt so ill. It was so bad that I didn't think i'd make the train on the Sunday evening. I don't think i'll ever eat pizza again hahahhahahaha

But hey I did make it to the train station and 42 hrs later I was in Dehli. I had booked a hotel in a popular backpackers street and what a dive it is. As the photos of my room show. There is a hole in the ceiling big enough for an elephant to get through but, I'm tired, the room is really cheap and the shower and loo work so it will have to do for the next 5 nights hahahahahaha.

Additional photos below
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Scary HouseScary House
Scary House

How scared do they look? hahahahaha
The Pizza!!!!!The Pizza!!!!!
The Pizza!!!!!

Don't we look happy that we are having pizza? We weren't happy in the early hours when we were taking turns to go to the loo!!!!!!!!
The Room!!!!!The Room!!!!!
The Room!!!!!

Luxurious isn't it!!!!!!
The HoleThe Hole
The Hole

Need I say more?
The Sign on the Door!!!!!!!The Sign on the Door!!!!!!!
The Sign on the Door!!!!!!!

Have you ever satyed in a hotel that warns of drug use? What is this place? hahahahahaha

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