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February 10th 2007
Published: February 10th 2007
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Hey all,
I'm here in India and made it safe and sound.. The flight was ok but we couldn't land for and 1 1/2 hour because the traffic was backed up.. Couldn't work out how airplanes can get backed up but not like one got a puncture on the landing strip and decided to change a tire but anyway. When we got to where our Hostel is the guy dropped us at a dark and narrow alley way and said "down there" we all looked at each other and said like bloody hell. We couldn't see the end and there was dogs running around but adventually after a rew paper scissors rock we headed down to thankfully find our Hostel. There was a few guys sleeping outside and the manager sleeping behind the counter.
First day here it has poured all day.. The streets and I mean the main streets in the city are just covered in mud around 2cm deep. It is just unbelievable the people trying to sleep in the mud under a piece of cardboard under what ever shelter they can get. There are a few cows around the place sacred over here so no one goes near them. There is rubbish all over the place up allay ways in the streets, roof tops (the roof next to our hostel is just covered) you cant cant brace yourself to what to expect.
Like when I was waiting at the airport in Bangkok I remember thinking "what am I getting myself into this is just stupid" I had know idea what was going to happen when I got here. Then of course start thinking about home wishing that Kylie was here more but luckily a American guy my age came up and started talking, who is great. He had know idea where he was going to stay when he got here which I thought was crazy coming to India by yourself at 1 in the morning so I said you can come to the Hostel I'm at. Well after the flight we had a bunch of 5 people coming to the Hostel with me which was great cause they all were as nervous as me and just had people there which they were happy about as well.
It was weird when we got here cause I said look out for a sign with my name on it when through customs. We get there and there is hundreds of Indians holding signs with a lane up the middle just staring at you and is was deadly silent , I was like why aren't you screaming at me??? It was unbelievable just people staring and you could hear a pin drop. It was such a weird feeling.
Yeah so today didn't do a real lot cause of the rain. Went to a temple with the American guy we found which was great. Had to put things on our head and we just watched people do there thing for about an hour or so. Played cricket with the kids out side in the pouring rain for awhile, the kids are great. It's weird hearing them whisper to each other "look white people" then they always ask "where your from" I say "Australia" they yell back all exited "Ponting Warne" and all of a sudden there is 2 sets of stumps and I have a cricket bat in my hand with fifty fielders.
The people are real friendly and most of them seem kinda shy when asking for directions (we got lost 5 times today) so far I’v had a great time and had my real curry experience about 2 hour ago see how that goes tomorrow but it was sooooo nice and cheap as chips.
Well that’s about it for today I have know USB port so no photos sorry not that I didn't take many cause it just rained all day.
Catch ya's latter
Also thanks for the messages you guys have been leaving. Good to hear back!!


10th February 2007

In India
Staying at cheapplace complaining is quite interesting.
10th February 2007

In India
Interesting remarks Delhi has nice place to stay.
11th February 2007

Good Morning
Good mroning Christopher, nothing much has been happening to write about, just the same ol same ol. We had a bit of a problem at work on Friday. Sympac did their update on Thursday night and Friday morning we noticed that we did not have any stock in the shop. Well you can imagine your Father. Apparently on the last day of January when we did the back up, for some reason (and Sympac do not know why) the stock level did not carry over. So we thought that we would have to do a complete stocktake for the shop. Sympac worked on it all day Friday and got the shop to the level of stock which was at the end of Jan, but we will still have to do a stock check for all the departments. So things were a bit hairy for a while. So other than that there has not been anything happening!! b Thank goodness. I don't think I could handle anything else. So, keep having fun and look after yourself. Lots of love, Mum and Dad xxx
11th February 2007

hey mate good to see your having a good time. i'm off to brisbane monday so probably won't be able to look at your page, but mum will keep me informed no doubt. look after yourself man. take it easy peace out hah ha. love porky ha ha
11th February 2007

Beware of the curry boi...
hey cuz, good to hear that your having a fantastic time. Cant wait to do it my self one day too. Cup is in the next few weeks so looking forward to that pity your not coming to get on the sauce. Beware of the curry boi, it might be cheap but make sure you find out whats in it, else you might have a very sore ring the next day. Kepp safe, have fun never regret things that make you laugh or open your eyes to the world. Mwah xox
12th February 2007

Your prob right there Head... Mum is worrying about anything and everything as you can imagine. And dont worry I can swing a bat..
16th February 2007

so...bought my presents yet?
Hey Slug...firstly i want to thank you! What for? Well for sharing your journey with us all. Every morning i check your website to see what you have been doing and ever morning it makes me smile. I am so happy for you - i think everyone needs to travel over seas...definately broadens your scope on life!!! I am glad that your still safe and sound although you know my thoughts on the matter hehe. Oh and before i forget, what kind of camera do you have? you have some incredible pictures and i still can't decide on what camera to buy for Greece. So if you could let me know either on your blog or on a comment or something id appreciate it. Well i look forward to your next "installment". You have always had a gift for story telling ;) Love and hugs oxoxo Court.

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