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August 5th 2018
Published: August 7th 2018
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India day three

After yesterday's very stressful Delhi Day, I was super keen to explore a different area of Delhi away from the main tourist sites and the old town craziness. Turns out the craziness is endemic to the city and not restricted to one area! On my way to the metro station in the morning I passed the usual street hawkers pedaling their wares of fly covered fruit and vegetables and the general clothing/silver jewellery. There was also a lot more people about today and I couldn't work out why until I saw a jeep with the back part converted into a shrine and a couple of people in orange robes preeching into a microphone - it was a Sunday, people were off work and school. No wonder the streets were packed!

I made my way to the train station (aka the most confusing place in the city!), dodged a few rogue cows and went to the International Tourist Bureau to ask them to translate my ticket for the following day. Whilst there I asked again about getting from Agra to Varanasi and miraculously a bed was suddenly available (despite being told they were all sold out), for the girl with the pretty smile. Amazing how this place works!

‌After this I took the metro to south Delhi - apparently the richer, nicer part - to see the Lotus Temple. A huge temple shaped like a lotus - I know right, duh! Walking up the hill from the train station, I saw a queue of people and realised that they were all queueing for what I wanted. I then heard the queue was over an hour long and, not being keen on doing that in 40 degree, polluted humidity, I headed back downtown. Such an exciting day!

‌I then wanted to walk to a park but didn't make it that far as I for distracted by a Starbucks and then spent the next few hours reading. It was a welcome release from all the hassle and constant responding to questions about if I need a tuk tuk, where I'm from, what I'm doing in get the jist!

‌Next stop: Jaipur!


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