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April 2nd 2013
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India is a country many people say, "Love it or Hate it." And these words carry true for a reason. India is a challenging country, a land of complete extremes. From the extreme climates of desert heats or mountainous snow, to the extreme poverty and wealth from the slums to the palaces.

My personal experience in India has been one of numerous ups and downs. I've encountered harshness and difficult situations to the max as well as experiences of kindness and helpfulness from utter strangers. Sometimes I myself cannot believe the circumstances and situations I am often faced with.

Needless to say as a blonde, American girl the situations I'm often faced with can be sometimes downright scary but at the end of the day I am utterly thankful for what I have been blessed with. The chance to grow.

India is a country that will challenge you. Your tastes, your comfort, your health, your people skills, your ability to haggle, your digestion system, your nerves. It will make you stronger, wiser, able to handle the best and worst of circumstances.

In India I've learned how to manage myself in thick crowds of people, mobs of men, Indian cuisine, and how to wear a sari. But the compassion and help and complete friendliness and kindness I've felt from the Indian people--men and women alike--still astonishes me. You don't have to be educated to realize very quickly that the amount of love felt in the families and friendships developed here in this country is enough to last anyone a lifetime.

So when I said, "India: Love it or hate it" my answer would most definitely be:

"Love it."


5th April 2013

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5th April 2013

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